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Virtual Dating – A New Form of Connection

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

It's been a very long quarantine period and our normal life has been restricted enormously.

However, the matters of the heart are still on rage. From singles to couples in a long-distance relationship, are looking forward to taking their relationship to the next level. Since business and work-life have gone virtual why not take the matters of heart virtual too. It might be hard to feel connected or close without actually being connected and close; still,

we can utilize this era of technology and it’s OK to give it a try.

Virtual Date with candles and wine

This concept of virtual dating has been widely accepted by the masses all over the world

especially singles who are introverts in nature. Of course, it's an amazing way to get away

from being awkward when you are on a date. For single introverts, lockdown brings a

great opportunity to re-charge their social batteries. According to the Mother Jones report,

there is a surge in the dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble after the pandemic. The use of these has increased in an influential manner with Bumble being used 21% and Tinder in 10-15%. People are utilizing the new feature of video calling and are saying yes to the new future of virtual dating. It's also a boon to the couple who have been separated due to quarantine. Here are a few ways you can make your beloved feel special and express your love.


Whatever type of date you choose to engage in there are a few ground rules or etiquettes

which should be considered by both partners when it comes to virtual dating. Make sure you have a clean and quiet space to spend time with your beloved, as the additional noise can be disturbing when you are connected online. A strong Wi-Fi connection also plays an important role to keep up with smooth communication. If you are preparing for your first date, then a set of questions will come in handy and help you in getting rid of the awkward silences in the middle. When you are well prepared with these necessities all you will need is the day and time that is convenient for both of you.

a. A Romantic Candle Light Dinner

A candlelight dinner virtually, is that even possible? Yes, it is. All you both will need space in your house to set up candles and some food. Plan with your partner and create an ambiance of a date in your respective houses and enjoy each other's company through the screen. You can also play her romantic songs in the background to enhance the mood of the date. You might not be close enough virtually but by playing songs and sending virtual gifts, you can make her feel special and enjoy a few romantic moments together. Other than candlelight you can also try date settings with moonlight on the terrace or balcony; in the garden amidst the plants and so on. Choose the one which works best for both of you.

b. A Special Food Date

Since cooking for ourselves has become a new normal, why not cook with a date beside. If

both of you are foodies and love to cook, this will interest you. Plan a brunch or meal which

both of you like or know to cook, head to the nearest store, and stock the groceries required. Set the screen with a good view of the kitchen and cook together. Decide on a

menu that is simple and easy to make like white sauce pasta or a snack with a delicious

cocktail. Keep in mind to keep your onions cut and ready as you need not ruin your look by shedding tears in front of them. This will not only take away the awkwardness if you are meeting for the first time but also help you understand the person better.

c. A Virtual Vacation

If your date is interested in traveling or would love to explore new places, this date will make them supremely happy. Arrays of options are available to pick a perfect place for your next date. Are you dreaming of spending your day with your date and dancing on the streets of Paris like "Ude dil Befikre" song in a Befikre style, this can be fulfilled virtually here or how about going on a Mount Everest expedition and singing the song "Subhanallah" from Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani with your beloved using National Geographic virtual climbing AR filters on Instagram here. If you are already in a relationship and are looking forward to going on a virtual vacation with your partner then it's an opportunity to tick the boxes from his or her travel bucket list. Thinking of finding a suitable place for your virtual date? Read our blog on virtual vacation from the link.

Ranveer Singh in Befikre

d. A Play Date

Keep up the competitive spirit and play a game with your partner. Be it PUBG or a game of

Ludo, engage with your beloved by playing in a team. By playing a game will not only save

you from the awkward silence but keep the conversation alive. To know whether you are

compatible or understand each other more you can download apps like Happy Couple,

Couplete, Desire, and so on. So, no matter where in the world you both are, you can get in

touch with each other via these romantic games.

Couple games like Couplete

e. Other Unique Simple Ideas

Every date need not be filled with planning and perfection. It’s a good date even if you sit in

your respective houses while streaming a movie together through the Netflix Party. You can watch a romantic movie as well as chat with each other at the same time. On a rainy day, you can sit with a sensuous novel and read it for each other in the comfort of your bed. When both of you love to work out then a couple of workout sessions can be an interesting option. A masterclass of pottery, painting, sketching or any innovative session can also be your choice to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Men doing Yoga poses


It's a virtual date, that doesn't mean it's not important to dress up. You might plan the best

date; create a beautiful setting but that small extra effort of dressing up goes a long way. It's not like you wear a blazer and sit with the shorts for your office zoom call. This needs attire that is complete and makes your partner feel, that you made an effort just to dress for him or her. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while dressing up for the virtual date.

a. For Men

If it's a casual date go for a good statement jacket and if it's a low candlelight setting then a blazer with a t-shirt will help you create an impact. Most of all don't forget the accessories, from which I mean a good watch. Grooming and trimming before the date is crucial as your face will be the highlight while facing the camera. To create a good first impression keep your beard trimmed and the outfit on point.

b. For Women

Women pay more attention to dressing than men, however, here are a few ways you can

elevate your look. Wear simple and elegant jewelry; Avoid multi-color blouses or tops,

choose solid outfits, and well-kept hair which clearly shows your face. Keep the make-up

minimal and natural as it helps you gain extra attention from your partner. A casual look

with tops that speak your personality and accessories that are impactful is what you should be looking for.

Men having beard trimming

If you are still stuck in understanding what to wear or which outfit to choose to impress your date then all you have to do is connect with us. Our team of experts will help you pick the right outfit for your special day. Book an online consultation with us to help you choose the right outfits for the date.


Of course, they are! Everyone loves a good gift at any time or any day. Since it's not

possible to go personally give it to your loved ones why not send it virtually. Gifts need not

always be a physical product, the main goal of presenting someone with a gift is to express

your love towards them and make them feel special. Here are a few gifting options that will help you make your partner feel special.

a. Personalized Gifts

Both men and women love a git that is personalized be it their name on-chain or a wallet

with initials. Personalization makes them feel unique and the gifts will be one of a kind

exclusive only for them. There are various online platforms like Print Land, Gift Cart, and

others that make customized gifts, you can order accordingly and deliver them to your date on the day of your virtual date. If your date has been set up at the last moment then companies like Ferns N Petalscan help you deliver a bunch of fresh-cut flowers to make her feel special as well. Some bakers like Wish A Cupcake also help you deliver customized cupcakes or cookies which will express your love to your partner in a special way.


b. Virtual Cards & Love Notes

If it's your first date and you don't know much about the person you are having a date with

then, make a simple card online using sites like Smilebox or edit one of their images and present it during the date. It will definitely make them feel special. If you are a couple struggling with the distance then make a photo collage in Canva or a short video that cherishes your memories, it helps you keep the spark alive. Another special way is going old school and sending hand-written letters to their doorstep, it can be quite cheesy but works wonders on women.

Personalized Cards

c. A Surprise Present

Grooming kits for men and beauty kits for men are an all-time choice for anyone. However,

with this, you can also add a few products which will work for your partner and send it to

them before the date. The best gifts can be accessories, a charm bracelet, beaded jewelry,

or a classy outfit that can work if you are choosing for women. There are as many options

available for gifting men too, a premium leather belt, a sleek bracelet, an accessory box, a

statement jacket can be some of your choices.

Man’s Gift Set by Blacksmith
Woman’s Gift Set

Man’s Gift Set – Check Now Woman’s Gift Set – Check Now

To make your date interesting and look presentable engage in a couple styling session with

our experts online. A session where you can get ready for your special date with the outfits

from your wardrobe will come in handy in your romantic encounters.

A present you offer can be big or small but the intent behind it is what matters the most. So, keep your presents ready, prep-up for the virtual date make your partner or date feel

special. This quarantine makes some time for your loved ones and expresses yourself with

the new normal of virtual dating. For all the singles that are looking forward to socializing

and find a soul mate, this is your best opportunity. These virtual dates have opened up new

gates and have made it easier to connect with people all over the world. It's time to take

your conversations from chat boxes to video calls.


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