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5 Simple Ways To Wear Your Sleepwear Outdoors

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Who knew, that work from home would be a thing in World? Who knew that eventually ‘Work From Home’ would be considered as serious business and this would lead to various lifestyle changes. Those days are gone, when a single pair of pajamas would exist. Now we need work pajamas, workout track pants, and lounging comfort wear.


So far, this pandemic has lead to change in buying patterns. In these uncertain times of

quarantine and self-isolation, we have lasted in our sleepwear. The philosophy of ‘slow-living' has come alive. It's very ironic to be in a state of rush and leisure altogether. Yes, this

is called a ‘Pandemic Effect’. The Global Sleepwear and Loungewear Market Research of

2020 stated that the sleepwear market is poised to grow by USD 19.5 billion during 2020-

2024, progressing at a CAGR of 9%. One of the major factors that are impacting it is the

pandemic of 2020. We are moving towards simplifying our lives rather than

complicating them. The best way to manage your thoughts and energies into this pandemic

and focus on your current work in hand starts with being in a state of absolute relaxation.

All these lifestyle changes have led us to a change in perspective about sleepwear. Yes, It

no more lies in the boundaries of a bed and a bedroom. What you wore to bed, can be

restyled to become a socially acceptable look. You just need to be a little thinking about

how would you compensate the relaxed vibe with polished elements which would complete

the look, not appearing as ‘ I woke up like this.’

Thus, we bring to you five ways in which you can upgrade your sleepwear to wear outdoors.

1. Night Suit Tee looks best when layered

As a matter of fact, we love to wear soft t-shirts to bed. A basic t-shirt is apt for sleepwear

as well as to look edgy for a quick team meeting on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. All you need is a basic round neck or V neck t-shirt in solid black, white, or grey. It comes in handy when you are late for a virtual meeting as all you have to do is put on a blazer or a shirt on the t-shirt. Vicky Kaushal is giving us goals to keep this look effortless and keeping our josh high. You can also carry this night suit tee with a linen shirt and ripped denim. It would give a chic vibe.

Vicky Kaushal in Grey Blazer
Basic round neck t-shirt – H&M

Round neck t-shirt H&M – Check Now

2. The shorts that become fit formals

Grab on your comfy and favorite pair of shorts with a shirt and white sneakers. This could

be an amazing go to look for a quick brunch or even a shift for a Zoom meeting which you

were not prepared for. Let your toned legs show! Flaunt your fitness by being comfortable

with your sporty shorts. Pair it up with the same sneakers. Imagine, getting out of your car

with a laptop bag for a meeting with a colleague in a nearby café. Now, this is a VIBE. Thanks to Karan Tacker! You can do much more with that look even other than

office meetings.

Karan Thacker wearing shorts
Black Cargo Shorts – H&M

Cargo Shorts – H&M – Check Now

3. Get some style inspiration from Ryan

The first thing that comes in our heads with soft suits is Mr. Beans' night suits with piping detail. This can be split up and worn in two ways. You can style the shirt with straight-fit denim or layer it with statement jackets. Look at how smartly Ryan Gosling put forward an experimental approach towards a night-wear-inspired ensemble with a smart pair of brogues. This is a little more fashion-forward outfit suitable for pubs and social gathering kind of vibe. It’s a creative trick if you have just woken up and have to get to a brunch. Make sure you wear classy perfume and shoes that complement your outfit well.

Ryan Gosling in Nightsuit
Night suit – Below The Belt

Night suit – Check Now

4. Track pants go a long way

We believe clothes are the best way of depicting your personal style. Sidharth Malhotra

has made it look like an essential piece of clothing already. So you are a quirky print

person or you like to wear solids or you like to play with neutrals and stripes! It’s totally

alright. Track pants or tracksuits are an essential part of a men’s sleepwear wardrobe.

This look is perfect when you have a small gathering of friends hanging up at a place. Pair

it with a logo or a slogan t-shirt that matches your mood and top it off with a baseball hat inspired by this cool dude look. Don’t forget the sneakers which fire up your style.

Siddharth Malhotra in a trackpant
Trackpants Adidas

Trackpants Adidas – Check Now

5. Early mornings just got better with Joggers

Akshay Kumar has provoked us to opt for simple yet classy touch to the quarantine outfits.

They look fantastic with the basic blacks and whites. All men should at least own one

well-fit jogger. Joggers are the most comfortable piece of clothing and pullover help you pull over the entire look. You can wear sporty sneakers to complete the look. This gives a very boyish appeal to your personality and of course, the French tuck in his sweatshirt will

create a noticeable difference. They are similar to track pants but do not get stuck in

your legs during the workout. It is comfortable while you sleep and structured for your

everyday workouts. You can use this look while going grocery shopping or even handover

your documents in the nearby bank too.

Akshay Kumar in Joggers
Joggers  H& M

Joggers H& M – Check Now

Every piece of clothing was developed out of purpose. So was sleepwear, it was all about

relaxed fits which were not only a night affair but also, cozy and comfy evening wear. The

fabrics of these kept changing. So, we withdraw the comfort element from sleepwear and

try and bring it into our day-to-day wear.

Be it a boy's night out or shopping or a date night or maybe a pub, your sleepwear or we

shall call it relaxed wear to everywhere you go. Post this pandemic, our way of living is

going to be much different, our primary wardrobe has completely evolved. If you are

looking forward to creating such trendy looks from your existing wardrobe, then connect with our experts, who will give you the route map to elevate your style. Make your comfort zone productive and celebrate your style. Connect now



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