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10 Ways To Improve Your Gym Wear

People generally go to a gym to look good outside the gym, but gone are those days. What once was just a workout spot, has now become an influencer’s hub. Various fitness influencers film videos, social media influencers take mirror selfies, and vloggers sometime talk to the people working out there. Your efforts beneath those bench presses are the background for someone’s selfie or video shoot and this signals one thing only, it is time to re-evaluate your workout outfit. No, we are not claiming that we can make you look like a Greek god standing in a puddle of sweat, but we sure can give you some tips and ideas for a decent workout look.

Gym Workout

1. The Co-ords

For those who are wondering why a ladies' outfit is included in a male list, co-ords aren’t just limited to the ladies and go far beyond the quintessential workwear wardrobe. They make great cardio workout wear. They are sleek, spacy, and comfortable. For those who don’t want to waste any energy on choosing a good work outfit, put on your co-ords and hit those reps. Always go for neutral colors either all black or all grey. This prevents white sweat patches from being displayed. Pair them with white training shoes and sprint away.

Co-ord Sets

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2. Camouflage Pants

Dust is a pretty tricky element. You go wearing black pants, you will get white dust stains, you go wearing white pants, you get black dust stains. Say goodbye to them with camouflage pants. Although you should wash your work outfits after every session and alternate between pairs, in case of emergency, you can wear the camouflage pants back to back, and no one will notice anything and they go well with anything, be it vests or hoodies or tees. Pretty handy aren’t they?

HRX Camouflage Track Pants

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3. Hoodies

There are days when we love to show our progress to the world, and then there are days when we wish no one notices us and let us do our own thing. We all have days when we don’t feel good but we have to push through it and hoodies are perfect for these days. Pull up your cover, plug in your headphones and go incognito. You can enhance your hoodie look by putting on a cap under it. Put on your yoga pants and get your bag pack ready instead of your regular duffle.

Louis Phillipe Hoodie

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4. Sweat Shirts

If we men say we can live our lives peacefully with sweatshirts only, we are not lying. Name a cooler as well as a more comfortable outfit like this one and I will wait. This is a brilliant winter work outfit for early morning runs. It keeps you warm as well as your style on point. What more can we ask from an outfit? Put on your sweatshirt with your workout shorts and lace up your shoes.

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5. Muscular Tshirts

You might not have the body yet to go shirtless in the gym, but you want to do some show-off. And why shouldn’t you? What is the point of working out and pushing so hard if you don’t show off a bit now and then? With the muscular tees, you can perfectly show off your muscular arms and broad shoulders without thinking about your underdeveloped chest or abs. But you shouldn’t ignore them and sculpt them as well. Go for a neutral shade paired with any comfortable bottom wear.

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6. Right Shoes

Sneakers or sports shoes are ideal as gym shoes. Running shoes and cushioned trainers compress when you load up and weight lift. This often gets you off balance and you can’t generate as much power as you want. For weightlifting perfectly, you need a flat stable base. And please wear socks or else everyone is going to faint when you open your shoes. Socks absorb the sweat on your feet and keep your shoes fresh as much as possible.

HRX Training Shoes

HRX Training Shoes - Buy Now 7. Utilitarian Bags

You should have a separate bag for your gym equipment. I have seen people walking in with anything that can carry equipment. Don’t be that guy. Buy yourself a proper duffle which should be long enough to carry your towel, extra tee, shakers, jumping ropes, and other necessary items. If you train at work, your kit bag needs to go with your office wear. If you’re a weekend warrior, it should match your off-duty looks. However, this doesn’t end here. The point is not only to own a bag but also to clean it properly. Otherwise, it will smell like the unused lockers that you come across in your gyms.

Gear Gym Bag

Gym Bag - Buy Now 8. Go Cordless

Research shows that music has a positive effect on body workout routines. But can you concentrate on your reps after your headphones fall out after every workout or your wires get tangled during bench press? So, it is always better to go with Bluetooth headphones. Some of the best on the market even double up as fitness trackers or sync with coaching apps to advise in real-time. So you can drop your PT and afford to splash out.

Apple pods

Apple ear pods - Buy Now 9. Don’t Stink

Nobody likes the stale odor of sweat. But workout without sweat is not possible. We know that hence you can apply some sport fragrance before hitting the gym. When your skin heats up, your fragrance intensifies before burning off. Don’t go for sophisticated ones, because no one likes a corporate environment at the gym. Go for citrus notes that are fresh, light, and less overpowering.

Gym sweating

Yardley Deodrant

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10. Gym Etiquette

Be it your office or gym, every place has etiquette of its own. Whether you are a seasoned gym rat or a rookie, you should always put the weights back in their respective places, if you have been using any machine and need to visit the washroom leave behind your towel on it which indicates the machine is in use, don’t bully people or make fun of those who are new to the gym. All of us are fighting battles of our own that other people don’t know. Give respect, gain respect.

Gym Rules

That’s all there is to properly carry yourself even while working out. Maintaining these tips will not only guarantee you a good look at the gym but will also improve your hygiene by leaps and bounds. Studies say women find those men attractive who are focused, disciplined and clean. So, don’t blame us if you get hit on at your gym.

Nevertheless, every one of us should work out to maintain some amount of flexibility and boost our health. We do have an exclusive video on how to have a good workout wardrobe.

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