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10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Fashion Inspiration: Elevate Your Style Quotient!

Fashion & Style have slowly crept into every aspect of life be it formal working days, casual get-togethers first dates, or prom nights. Especially after the pandemic it has gotten a certain boost, as if people are noticing and investing consciously in fashion essentials to make them look presentable and dapper. Editors, celebrities, and top models rack up their frequent flier miles every year jetting around the globe to attend the most elite shows and events and dropping some serious fashion goals now and then. But are you taking notes, my friend? We know it can get tiresome to follow media and read blogs on fashion all the time to increase your fashion quotient. So, we have decided to suggest an interesting alternative to enhance it without getting bored. Yes, the title gives off the surprise, here is a list of shows with lovely storylines besides a strong dose of fashion & style.

1. Next in Fashion

Next In Fashion is Netflix’s first fashion competition show, hosted by designers Tan France and Alexa Chung. This original is a fashion reality competition, in which a group of talented up-and-coming designers complete a variety of challenges (including swimwear, Met Gala looks, recycled fashion, and more) in hopes of winning the title of fashion’s next big name — as well as a $200,000 prize and the chance to launch their collection with Rent the Runway

Tan France, the fashion expert had been a Queer Eye host and this time with an extremely fashionable new co-host by his side: TV personality and supermodel Gigi Hadid. Together, they’ll counsel this latest round of designers as they present their ensembles to a revolving door of VIP guest judges. The series is packed with pure creativity and a little healthy competition. Find out who grabs the chance to become the next big fashion designer.

2. Emily in Paris

Ah, the city of perfumes but what about fashion goals? Darren Star’s romantic comedy Emily in Paris series stars Lily Collins in the title role, as an optimistic but clueless American who moves to Paris, where she navigates through her career and relationships in a foreign setting. While her mangled French speech can get her into trouble like Imran from ZNMD, her Americanized conception of French style is not without its charms. To make Emily a style icon for a new era of TV, Star brought in a secret weapon — his ‘Sex and the City collaborator, the legendary Patricia Field, who serves as consulting costume designer on the series. (Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, who collaborated with Field during Seasons 1 and 2, took over the reins for Season 3.)

But what can we learn about fashion from a girl’s show? Well, you can take away the color combinations and incorporate them in your wardrobe, you can look for the male co-stars and incorporate their style in your wardrobe. In toto, you will learn a lot about fashion in general.

3. 7 Days Out

Each episode of ‘7 Days Out’ documents the hectic week leading up to a major occasion, capturing the excitement in the air and illuminating the hard work that goes unnoticed behind coordinating some of the most thrilling events in the world. The docuseries’ fifth episode (directed by series executive producer Andrew Rossi, who also directed the Met Gala documentary The First Monday in May) applies this ‘behind the scene’ element to Chanel’s Spring 2018 Haute Couture fashion show, which — presided over by the only inimitable Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019 is truly a treat to watch. These almost unfathomably beautiful clothes (and a venue worthy of showcasing them) come together as the most delectable of French treats besides the croissant.

4. My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart, a designer and executive organizes fashion shows, throws yacht parties, and takes her family to Paris Fashion Week, but that lifestyle couldn’t be more different from how she lived less than a decade prior. At 42, the mother of four left her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to build a new life in Manhattan, where she found a home in the fashion industry and eventually became CEO of Elite World Group. A lot of things have changed for the Haarts since Season 1 wrapped, but this story’s not over — Season 2 arrived in December 2022. Be a part of Haart’s motivation to pursue her dreams through the ups and downs of life.

5. Halston

Already raising the bar, Ewan McGregor won an Emmy for his performance in Halston, in which he starred as the titular fashion designer. The Ryan Murphy–produced Netflix original miniseries follows the icon of ’70s minimalist glamour through the highlights and low points of his dazzling career, from victory at the legendary 1973 Battle of Versailles fashion show to decadent nights at Studio 54 to his misunderstood (to some and ahead of its time to some) diffusion line in the early ’80s. With obsessive attention to period detail and McGregor’s irresistible central performance, Halston is a stylish portrait of a singular American artist.

6. Styling Hollywood

It takes a whole lot of work to create an unforgettable red carpet moment — and not just on the part of the designer. Putting the right dress on the right star is an art form that requires insight and intuition, and Jason Bolden is a master of it. The celebrity stylist (who also appears in a recurring capacity as a judge on Next in Fashion) and his husband, interior designer Adair Curtis, work together to beautify Hollywood — whether through the looks the stars are wearing or the homes where they’re living — with their company JSN Studio. In the docuseries Styling Hollywood, the couple and their team are as eminently watchable as the covetable luxury items they work with.

7. Queer Eye

In 2018, when Netflix re-launched the early-aughts reality classic Queer Eye, it became the rare reboot that was embraced wholeheartedly by viewers and critics alike. The new version retains the original format of the “Fab Five” — a team of experts in culture, food, grooming, interior design, and, of course, ‘fashion’ — the keyword we had been searching for. The show involves coaching a person with a tenuous grasp on some or all of those disciplines. But while the original series exhibited more of the snark of its era, the reboot gives its makeover; the new Fab Five approach their “heroes,” (as they call their subjects) with great warmth and empathy. It’s TV to help you look and feel good — and there’s a new season coming May 12.

8. Atelier

When so much fashion-industry content revolves around unbearable pressure and clashing egos, why not relax with something with a little sweeter storyline? Atelier is a Japanese drama about an unsophisticated young woman with a sincere passion for textiles and fashion who gets a job at an upscale lingerie boutique in Tokyo’s tony Ginza district. Its 13 episodes serve up plenty of high-fashion drama — our heroine’s boss bears some resemblance, in both demeanor and haircut, to a certain powerful editor — but without that dash of picturization that tales of the cutthroat industry so often display.

9. Glow-up the Next Makeup Star

No look is complete without the right makeup to set it off, and runway shows don’t just forecast what clothes we’ll be wearing next season — they also set beauty trends that will take over Sephora carts and TikTok feeds in the coming months. Glow Up, four seasons of which are streaming on Netflix, is a British reality competition that does for cosmetics what a certain other British reality competition did for desserts. Watch it for fresh ideas, to refine your technique, or just to be amazed by what these makeup artists are capable of.

But what should men do with makeup and all? Although this is a show for people who are pro in make-up, it doesn’t miss the basics. Some makeup items like concealer are great for hiding that rugged skin and dark circles below your eyes, and who knows you might get to know more such makeup essentials that can make your life hassle-free.

10. Bridgeton

Though the Shondaland–produced smash-hit romance series takes place about two centuries ago, its elaborate period wardrobe, dreamed up by costume designers Ellen Mirojnick (Season 1) and Sophie Canale (Season 2), has had a major present-day impact. Ever since Bridgerton’s premiere in late 2020, its vision of early 19th-century style with a modern twist has maintained a firm grip on the fashion world’s imagination, bolstering the romantic “Regencycore” trend and inspiring countless pop-ups, window displays, and capsule collections of puff sleeves and empire waists, all rendered in soft florals. With everyone on the show dressing like that, it’s no wonder all the Bridgertons keep falling in love!

Thus, we close the list with our top recommendations in the fashion genre that will make you a fashion genius not overnight, but gradually for sure. For newbies, it might get a little rough but for those who have the general idea, things will go smoothly. For those who are new to the world of fashion & style, we would like you people to read our blogs consistently to cultivate that interest and incorporate our suggestions to sustain that interest before jumping on the binge list and dropping shows halfway. For more such interesting information subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram . Join our WhatsApp group and be part of one of the largest grooming communities. 

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