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10 Interesting Places To Visit During Your FIFA Trip To Qatar

One of the Middle East’s richest countries in the world, Qatar has emerged as a haven for vacationers over the past few years. A country that mesmerizes its travelers with natural wonders, or engages in a range of activities that are beyond imagination. It provides its travelers with so many things to do that one can never get tired of exploring. Now it’s the time when FIFA is happening and if you are one of the fans who are at Qatar to watch the match, this blog is definitely for you.


In the mood for a historical tour? Want to experience adventure sports? You name it and Qatar has it. So are you ready to explore Qatar? Here’s a list of activities waiting for you. 1. Dune Bashing at Doha Desert For the adventure fanatic in you, we have your first stop covered, Dune Bashing. Tried virtually by every traveler who visits Qatar on vacation, this sport is not for the faint-hearted. This is an adventure that involves dodging the massive red sand dunes in a comfortable 4X4 vehicle. The activity lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes and is enough to make your heart beat faster. This adrenaline-pumping sport is not just popular in Qatar but all over the Middle East. So get ready to feel the thrills of this adventure.

Dune Bashing at Doha Desert.

2. National Museum of Qatar

Amongst the top activities to not miss in Qatar, a historical tour of the National Museum of Qatar has to be one. A popular museum situated just off the waters of the Corniche in Qatar’s capital, Doha. This museum is not just famous for its collection but also for its architectural brilliance. Built with incredible views of the bay, this is a place where you get to relive Qatar’s history in three parts. Right from the beginning days of the country to life here and modern history, this museum has it all. And don’t miss out on having a look at the Pearl Carpet of Baroda. Is that all? Visit the museum and let us know what captures your view. Don’t forget to check out the visiting timings before you plan.

National Museum of Qatar

3. Traditional Shopping Experience at Souq Waqif

Want to feel the traditional Qatari experience? A visit to one of the finest places in Qatar where shopping the traditional way is the name of the game. This marketplace is set on an ancient trading site where travelers can find mud-rendered traditional shops, old Qatari buildings, and much more. Besides shopping for things like handicrafts, spices, and jewelry, shoppers can take a break and savor a nice meal at the various restaurants present here, from traditional eateries to international restaurants, Souq Waqif features it all. So hurry up and explore Souq Waqif.

Traditional Shopping Experience at Souq Waqif

4. Kitesurfing at Sealine Beach A bigger reason why Qatar has emerged as one of the finest destinations for kite surfers around the world. The climatic conditions in the country are generally perfect for kitesurfing and there’s no place better than Sealine Beach. This is amongst the best beaches in Qatar, as well as offering reasonable experiencing activities, with many local agencies operating in the area within a price range of QAR 700 to QAR 900 per person. So touch the sky as you experience adventures in Qatar.

Kitesurfing at Sealine Beach

5. The Doha Festival City How can we not get the shopping beauty in us in the city of luxury? And you can not miss this pleasing experience during your visit. As far as malls in Qatar go, Doha Festival City is a major shopping hub and one of the biggest malls in the country. Stretching over an area of 600,000 sq. meters, the mall has everything in store to make your day full of fun, the mall has a variety of global brands like Harvey Nichols and the Dior Beauty Boutique here at the DFC. Apart from shopping the mall features world-class dining options, the biggest cinema halls with the first VOX 4D screens, and the popular Angry Birds World theme park for kids. What else is keeping you from adding it to your list?

The Doha Festival City

6. Kayaking at Al Thakira Natural Reserve If you want to calm your body after amazing adventurous sports and a bag full of shopping, Kayaking will definitely calm your senses. It’s the country’s largest mangrove natural reserve, Al Thakira has nestled about 64 kilometers away from Doha towards the Northeast side of Qatar and offers scenic views to nature lovers. In fact, Kayaking through the mangroves here becomes even more beautiful thanks to the presence of unique wildlife which visitors get to see up close. So, if you’re wondering about engaging in some calming experiences in Qatar, hop on to these kayaks.

Kayaking at Al Thakira Natural Reserve

7. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

This is one of the most surprising and interesting museums in the country, located 23 kilometers west of Doha – the museum is the private collection of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, a distant relative of the country’s Emir. The Sheikh has been collecting since he was 10 years old and once built a fort to hold the seemingly random objects collected during his travel, which include ancient religious books, textiles, old cigarette packets, and even an 18th-century Ottoman bomb. More than 15,000 artifacts fill the rooms here and one hall holds traditional pearling boats and vintage US cars. Don’t miss out on the Syrian House, which was shipped to Qatar piece by piece before the war and then put back together again. So, why waste time?

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

8. The Majestic Inland Sea Qatar is a land of unique wonders, Desert adventures are highly popular in this part of the Middle East and one of the major reasons why travelers come here. But this desert terrain of Doha about 60km away from the capital lies an adventure in Qatar you probably haven’t heard of before. Famed by name Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid and is recognized by UNESCO. This is one of the very few places in the world where the sand dunes slip into the sea during high tide. It is one of the most breathtaking sights in Qatar and something you’d love not to miss. To add to your experience, there are unique species like rare turtles and dugongs – Khor Al Adaid has its own ecosystem. In order to reach there, travelers are to hire a 4X4 vehicle and drive across the dunes, experiencing the thrill of living adventure in Qatar.

The Majestic Inland Sea

9. Parasailing at Katara Beach

Just like Kite-surfing, Dune bashing, and other adventurous sports offered by Qatar, Parasailing at Katara Beach is also an experience not to be missed. There is no better place than Katara Beach to enjoy parasailing in the country, which involves flying 600ft. above sea level while being tied to a speed boat. The picturesque locations of Qatar that can be seen from parasailing are mesmerizing.

Katara Beach is the only public beach in Doha that offers a range of facilities to visitors, it is where kids can enjoy a separate playing area while adults can engage in water activities. The activity and the experience are never going to disappoint you, so prepare yourself to parasail.

Parasailing at Katara Beach

10. The Unique Dahl Al Misfir Cave A cave that travelers can explore to seek an awe-stunning adventure in Qatar. A well-known natural landmark in the country, the cave is about 40 m deep and looks like a portal to a fey. Upon entering the cave, one can notice the phosphorescent glow while the refracting light provides a moon-like glow to it. The owls or the usual residents of the cave add up to this thrilling experience. It is undoubtedly one of the best-hidden gems and a place that adventure enthusiasts would certainly love to visit.

The Unique Dahl Al Misfir Cave

This country is among the few countries that surprise you from the beginning of your journey till the end. One of the finest countries around the world that provides its travelers with a wholesome experience. From seeking the hidden wonders to exploring the untiring terrains of the desert, Qatar has it all. So, what’s the delay? Start planning today. Enjoy the FIFA game along with various activities in Qatar.

Khalifa International Stadium Qatar

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