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10 Gadgets That Every Man Must Own In 2021

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Living in the 21st century is sure not easy with the hyperactive technology-driven society. Every day new and better developments are proceeding and gaining vast results. It has become impossible to stay updated in this tech world but it is possible to upgrade your living space and comfort zone with some of them. Technology, not only is for comfort but, also will give your personality a touch of coolness. After all without technological support Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne wouldn’t have been the favorites. No, we are not suggesting you buy an armored suit or vehicle, rather some simple gadgets that will make your lifestyle easier and classier. Confused about what gadget will suit you and what will just be a waste of money. Then don’t worry we bring you the must-have 10 such top gadgets that every man should buy and own.

Electronic Gadgets in 2021

1. Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery

Do you often forget where you kept your keys or phones or laptops or wallets and your mom always scolds you for being so forgetful? Gone are the days of scolding, because now, Tile Pro has got you covered. These gadgets would help you find anything around you, up to a range of 400 feet. In case you lose an item, you will get notifications when the gadgets come within range of another Tile user. Humans are irresponsible, Tiles pros are not.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro – Buy Now

2. Tormeti Personal Coffee Mug & Warmer

Dealing with the workload or reading an interesting story without a warm cup of tea or coffee is not worth it. But alas! Oftentimes, the warm beverage we prepared is not tasted till it is cold. Now that seriously destroys the whole mood. Here we introduce the Tormeti Personal coffee mug and warmer which will keep your drink at the right temperature even though you miss the sip at the right time. Just pour your drink in the ceramic mug and place it on the pad, setting the temperature and enjoy your warm drink whenever you want.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee Mug Warmer – Buy Now

3. Boat Airdopes 433

It is very important to have your own music space to channel all the frustrations of the day out of your body. In fact, music therapy has a great impact nowadays to cure depression as well as mood upliftment. And what is better than to listen to your favorite playlist with good audio and bass quality provided by boAt Airdopes. This comes with a 500mAh battery and 4hrs of playback per charge. The build quality is top-notch with sweat and water-resistant properties.

Boat Airdopes

Boat Airdopes – Buy Now

4. Noise ColorFit Pro 3

The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 is elegant on its own. The Cloud-based watch comes with a 1.55” HD display and autosport recognition. Give a new look to your watch every day according to your mood, with the easy to handle customization feature. Monitor your own stress and blood-oxygen level and lead a healthy life. If you don’t like to wear a watch because it's old-fashioned, this new generation watch will surely change your outlook. Just give it a try.

Noise ColorFit Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Smartwatch – Buy Now

5. Dr. Physio (USA) Shiatsu Cushion

Tiring day at work or a minor gym or sports injury? Get yourself a relaxing massage from Dr. Physio’s Cushion. It is very effective in relieving body aches and muscle tensions with soothing heat and natural acupressure massage. The four rotating heads automatically change direction to provide top-class massage and improve blood circulation. The compatible size is a bonus making it portable and easy to store and use.

Dr. Physio Shiatsu Cushion - Pillow Massager

Pillow Massager – Buy Now

6. Play Station 4

What? Do you think grown-up men don’t play games? If you think so then just to tell you that 85.21% of Indian men use PS4 to pass time during weekends. Playing games are absolute stress busters and if you haven’t tried yet, give it a shot. Also due to the current situation, all the gaming communities have been on a steep rise due to such high demand. You can try out a few games from the blog that we have written before on games. You will absolutely love it.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PS4 – Buy Now

7. Mi Power Bank

Power banks have become one of the very important aspects if you have high shifting and pressure jobs. Not only you but you have to keep your phone active too. These are the lifesavers when you forget your charger at home or even have the charger but there are no charging points nearby. Mi has launched their giant in this field with the capacity of 20,000 mAh, triple power output, both type C and micro USB, 18W fast charging, and advanced 12-layer chip protection. It also comes with smart power management. Simply double press to enter low power mode and charge your mi band or AirPods.

MI Power Bank

MI Power Bank – Buy Now

8. JBL Cinema SB231

Weekends are for chilling out with your special one or your friends on a couch with some snacks and a good web series or film. The JBL Sb231 serves the purpose with 110W system power, Dolby Digital for crystal clear sound experience, Optical and HDMI ARC for a hassle-free experience, four powerful full range drives and wired subwoofer for deep and thrilling bass, and also it is Bluetooth-enabled so you can play your favorite playlist wirelessly from any device.

JBL Cinema Home Theatre

JBL Cinema Speakers – Buy Now

9. Echo Dot (4th Gen)

We all wish we have someone who just complies unarguably with what we say or order. Well, your friendly assistant Alexa is back stronger and better with the Echo Dot speaker. Alexa is a built-in cloud. So, she only gets smarter day by day. The more use her, the more she gets adapted to you. Stream your favorite music or set the ac to the right temperature, dim the lights, or set schedules for every device like turning the geyser on at 7 AM, all you need is to call out her name. Make your every day easier and efficient with voice control and Alexa in the house.

Echo Dot 4th Generation

Echo Dot Generation 4 – Buy Now

10. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

The Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer is a nifty gadget that everyone should own. This gadget prints out 1.8 by 2.4-inch photos using its own instant film from your phone connected via Bluetooth. This portable and compatible gadget prints photos super-fast within 12 seconds. Give your prints a more stylish look also to choose from 14 collage styles and 3 split styles to divide one photo into multiple frames. Now not only live a moment but also capture and print it to add to your album of madness.

Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer – Buy Now

Own these technologies and improve your lifestyle by leaps and bounds. These gadgets will not only make your life comfortable but will also a subtle layer of coolness to your personality. Technology has never been ever so easy to comprehend as much as these gadgets will show you. This is worth to cost and shot.

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