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10 Cool Gadgets To Buy in 2023

With the surging rise in the tech world over launching brand new products now and then, we need to keep pace with the ever-changing society. Even if you are a non-tech guy, you need to keep a close tab on the world of technology to get your work done with ease and effortlessly. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, tech moves pretty fast – and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you will be left out in this competitive world. But we all end up with the same question, where to begin? Here is a list of some cool gadgets that every man must own as a part of their lifestyle.

Cool Tech Gadgets in 2023

1. Backbone One Controller

If you are a game-loving person, then this is the best accessory that you can own for a fabulous gaming experience. This PlayStation-inspired controller seamlessly hooks up to your iPhone so you can play PS games on the go. Gaming has never been easier while slouching on the couch but, this controller is here to make things comfortable for the pro gamer in you.

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller For iPhone

Playstation Edition Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller - Buy Now 2. Waterproof Action Camera

Be it any activity trekking or swimming, this mini camera is the best that can help you record and track your progress. Also, if you are thinking of starting vlogging, this is the first accessory that you need to get yourself. This comes in a small package that’s easier to use, so you can shoot clear videos of your extreme adventures, morning runs, and any activity in between. The larger new image sensor delivers an immersive, extra-large field of view with Stunning 27-megapixel high-resolution photos and 1080p videos.

GoPro Waterproof Action Camera

GoPro Waterproof Camera - Buy Now

3. Heated Gloves

If you love mountains and trekking or skiing or bike riding, then you have also come across numb fingers. But now, say goodbye to them with these heated, AI-powered winter gloves, which automatically adjust their heat depending on the weather conditions for up to 6 hours. Now you can shred the slopes for even longer without worrying about going numb.

Savior Heated Gloves

Savior Heated Gloves - Buy Now 4. Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

How many times has your wife asked you to clean your room on a lazy Sunday and your holiday mood had been ruined instantaneously? Get a load of this smart robot vacuum that picks up and wipes away dust and grime in a single clean. It avoids objects in its way, and allows you to schedule multiple cleanings per day by continuously learning and adapting to your home; it also empties its bin so you don’t have to. Use its app to set vacuum schedules to keep floors spick-and-span and your wife and mood happy.

iRobot Self Emptying Robot Vacuum

iRobot Self-Emptying Robot - Buy Now 5. Coffee Maker

We can all agree that if your coffee is not on point, then the whole day feels clumsy and dull. Now get your coffee always fresh and full of energy with this device which comes with an aroma twister nozzle to circulate inflowing coffee evenly for optimal & consistent coffee aroma from the first to the last cup. Make 2-7 cups in 10 min brewing time and the compact design takes little space in your kitchen. Ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it easily a quality choice for coffee lovers.

Philips Coffee Maker

Philips Coffee Maker - Buy Now 6. Wi-Fi-Portable Grill

Kick your tastebuds into a new dimension with this high-tech portable grill. This is the go-to grill for small families, campers, tailgaters, RVers, or anyone who wants to cook perfect lamb steaks or a bunch of burgers. Control and monitor your grill from your couch or on the go with a smart combustion system. Adjust your smoke and grill temp from 150°F to 550°F with 5° increment control. Adjust and monitor your food temp from your phone with the GMG App. Now impress your friends and family with the best barbecue party they ever had.

Wifi Portable Grill

Wifi Portable Grill - Buy Now 7. Outdoor Projector

If you could take a theater with you anywhere, why wouldn’t you? This projector lets you do just that, with a 180-degree, autofocus design that allows you to watch movies and shows wherever. Comes with a smart Interface, in Built OTT Apps - Netflix, Hotstar, and many more. The Dolby Digital Plus adds a new dimension to your ears. Now get a movie night anytime with your friends or loved ones in your backyard or balcony.

Outdoor Projector

Samsung Freestyle Projector - Buy Now 8. Hair Remover

Are you too bored with grooming unnecessary hair on different body parts on the weekdays? It indeed takes too much time off your precious holidays, but what can we do? Well, we can use a hair remover, a safe long-lasting solution to full-body hair growth. It is similar to laser treatment. Operating at 100 flashes per minute, this device will treat your whole body in less than 10 minutes! Use it on your face, legs, underarms, and more. With weekly treatments, you’ll see up to 97% hair reduction after 4 weeks. It also has a skin sensor that checks your skin tone before each flash and only activates if it's safe.

Smoothskin hair remover

Smoothskin Hair Remover - Buy Now 9. Air Purifier

The air in most homes is dirtier than the air outside and what can we expect with rising air pollution? This device is specialized in air care with a focus on Superior Quality & Intuitive design. Special Green Anti-Virus HEPA Filter traps 99.99% of Allergens, Pollen, Dust & Viruses. Urethane Carbon Filter traps Bad Odor, Formaldehyde, VOCs & Cigarette Smoke. Comes with one-touch removal of all filters and can be removed without getting your hands dirty. It has the longest filter life of 8500 hours. Air Quality Indicator shows real-time Indoor air quality through Intuitive colors. Now clean your entire room in just 6 minutes and breathe in some fresh air.

Coway Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier - Buy Now 10. GPS Pet Tracker

For pups who need serious wrangling, you need an all-in-one smart GPS dog collar. This weighs only 1.55oz/44g and the neckband can be adjusted. Your pet will comfortable with it. Linking to Google Maps, any location can be tracked as long as it is on Google Maps so that you know where your fur baby is and you can track the history of the pet and know the frequent place to go. keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy. Other functions also are available on App, such as Geo-Fence, Sleep mode, and Low Battery Alarm.

Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker - Buy Now

Thus, this is a list of some fascinating products that you can buy to make 2023 a little more comfortable and techy. We are getting surrounded by technology day in and out which can be also a curse in disguise, with increased radiation and addiction followed by laziness, but with optimal and right usage, we can use it to our advantage and lead a healthy life. For more of such latest tips and information join our WhatsApp community and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow us on youtube for detailed tips on men's fashion and grooming.

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