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Is Your Beard Ready For The Summers?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Beards are indeed one of the best grooming areas for men. Having a beard can change your outlook un-precedently. It gives your personality a touch of masculinity. It can boost your confidence and morality by bounds and leaps. But can it beat the summer heat? First things first, we would like to clear the huge misconception of a beard keeps you warmer in summer.

Right before you are ready to chop off your style buddy on a piece of friendly or parental advice, just check out these facts:

– Beard protects you from the harmful UV rays no matter which season.

– Save your money on sunscreen plus it doesn’t have to be reapplied.

– Your beard absorbs the heat and keeps it away from your skin making your face cool.

– With the sweat trapped in your beard, walking in the wind will be equal to walking with an air-conditioner.

– Beard will protect you from germs, viruses, and pollens every season.

Listening to the facts is easy but maintaining a nice beard has always been a difficult job right? And especially during the summers, with all the sweat, pollutants, dirt, and now the mask, it becomes much harder. But don’t worry we have got you covered. As the scorching heat has already declared war against your skin, make your beard one of the best weapons in your arsenal, with our customized beard care routine for the summers.

1. Wash your beard more often

We know that washing your beard often is not good but summer holds a different story. All that sweat will trap more dirt on your facial hair. Washing your beard daily or often doesn’t mean you have to apply beard wash every time, just soak your beard in running cold tap water, and work for your hand out through your beard once or twice and dry it properly. This will get rid of the excess sweat and dirt and also refresh your hair follicles and skins.

2. Hydrate your body

Back to the old school, keeping your body hydrated is very important to keep your beard healthy. Especially during summer when you sweat tons, you need to drink tons to keep the balance and hydrated skin keeps in check the hair breakage. Not that drinking water will only keep your beard healthy; it has a much more important role to play in your body. After all, 90% of our cells are made of water. Drink a sufficient amount of water and flex your beautiful beard.

3. Don’t use products immediately after the wash

Let your beard breathe for a while. Don’t rush in with the beard oil or beard butter immediately after you wash your beard. After all that dirt and sweat that had been stuck up in your beard, the follicles need to rest. A little time without the product won’t damage your beard. Sometimes all you need is to let your beard feel the air.

4. Use minimal products

This one is based on personal experience. Minimize the use of products as they will weigh your beard down. The main job of the oils, butter, and balms is to moisturize the beard but during the summer, the atmosphere already has a sufficient amount of moisture, so the application of additional moisturizer will not only damage the follicles but will also cause itching and hair breakage by attracting dirt and pollutants. According to your beard length cut your product usage in half. As I have a medium beard I use two drops of beard oil during summer. You can switch to Aloe Vera gel as a replacement for oil. It will give a touch of refreshment to your facial hairs.

5. Trim a bit

You can trim down your beard length a bit if you are having a problem with a long beard and its maintenance. Sometimes long beards can be very itchy and for the beginners who are just growing a beard, it is better to keep your beard short in the summers till you go pro, as shorter beards are much easy to maintain. Flaw the summer with shorts and a shorter beard. But getting a clean shave is a big no from me.

Now that you got your summer care routine flaw your beard on the face of the Sun like a true man. Keeping a beard is not a big deal till you follow our simple grooming routine. If you are looking for a personalized routine that is apt for your beard, skin, and lifestyle; look no further. Get in touch with our team for a one-on-one consultation.

You will be surprised to see how comfortable a beard can feel during the summer. No matter what the season, having a beard is really more than a mere style statement. It is something that we beardos take pride in.

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