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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

For men, a beard represents masculinity, so a grown mustache and beard could also

be a source of great pride. Growing an honest beard, signals you're not a kid anymore

and makes you feel more masculine. Your beard grows faster than your hair, which is

obviously a good thing. Once you eventually hit puberty, your hormones become

naturally active and trigger your facial hair growth. Since then only, you'll be ready to

grow a good-looking beard.

Men with stubble beard

Yes! Maybe because we had already seen on the boards that guys experience more self-confidence when bearded, and making a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will feel more confident now that the awkward growing phase is over as now it's an attractively actual beard. That's possibly the root of the origin of faith, only because it takes bravery to grow a beard in a culture where the custom is to shave it off. You put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable, particularly in the early stages of patchiness and self-doubt among different individuals.

So if you'd wish to grow a 5’o clock beard naturally, here are a few beard growth

tips that will be helpful.

1. Nourish it with naturals

Coconut oil - It is one of the best oil that you can apply to your beard for you

to grow a stubble or beautiful shiny beard. All you have to do is to make a

perfect mixture of coconut and rosemary oil and apply it with cotton for at

least 15 minutes, and then rinse it with cold water. Apply the solution for a

month, will see your best results.

Amla Oil - The development of facial hair can be stimulated. Grind some

mustard leaves and add a few drops of amla oil to the blend. Apply and

massage your face and keep it on for about 20 minutes before using cold

water to rinse it off.

Exfoliation - This is a simple method to remove dead skin cells from the

surface of your skin using an exfoliator. Apply an exfoliator to your face using

a clean brush, move circular strokes around your face. Rinse it with lukewarm

water, and then apply some good moisturizer.

Lemon, Honey, and Cinnamon - The combination of Lemon, Honey, and

Cinnamon helps in protecting against various skin infections. Apply the mixture

and rinse after 20 minutes with cold water. Apply this solution twice a week

for better results.

Men having a facial

2. Exercise for Shaggy beard

What most people don’t know is that exercise can help in facilitating your beard

gains. If you want to maintain a healthy beard you have to add exercise to your week-by-week schedule that will help animate development and empower sound skin and

hair. Exercise like weightlifting and cardio improves blood dissemination and

consequently assists with animating hair follicle development.

Men doing kettle bell exercises

Exercise causes the facial hair to grow faster and has its effect on testosterone (T) and

dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormones. With the improved bloodstream to your

whiskers territory, more supplement-rich blood can help sustain and recharge the

follicles for a more beneficial and powerful facial hair development. Physical training

or weight lifting has a major impact on testosterone levels. Some kinds of exercise only

give testosterone levels a rapid boost. Power training, on the other hand, when you use

an outsized muscle category, provides a more substantial rise in the hormone.

Exercises for weight lifting include:

  • Deadlifts Over

  • The Squats

  • Row-Row

  • Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups

  • Bench Press

Commit to a good routine like the Bhai, “Ek Baar Jo Maine commitment Kardi Toh Main Khud Ki Bhi Nahi Sunta!” For best results, you ought to aim to the urge in weight lifting exercises a minimum of two to three times per week.

3. Diet for Beard Growth

There is no such meal of enchantment that will fix it off. But your eating routine

plays an important role in how rapidly and soundly your whiskers grow. There

is an overwhelming number of different nutrients and minerals that presume a

job in hair growth for those men who are still trying to grow a beard.

Healthy Spinach Food for Beard

The following are the simplest foods that will support optimal beard growth:

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are real superfoods when it comes to

providing the correct amount of nutrients for beard growth. Rich in betacarotene,

it transforms to vitamin A, which also allows cells to multiply. These

nutrients result in substantial beard hair growth, making it the best food to eat

for the growth of beard hair.

Oysters: It's one of the sources of minerals like zinc. It's a vital mineral

that helps the cells for building hairs. It also contains an excellent number

of proteins and nutrients.

 Eggs: Eggs are high in proteins, low in calories, as well as, they are an

excellent source of biotin, a well-known supplement that strengthens and

promotes hair growth.

Cinnamon: They encourage the flow of oxygen to hair follicles and have

antibacterial and antifungal aspects to avoid any quite skin inflammations.

Eat or apply, choices are endless; add it to protein shakes and other sweet

desired dishes.

Spinach: Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, all factors that

help in healthy beard growth. It's so versatile that it is often eaten raw,

parboiled, or gravy, and is healthy altogether forms.

4. Take enough sleep and relax

Researchers found that increased stress causes hair loss problems, results in improper

beard growth. Individuals who might have insomnia or not enough sleep are also

affected by facial hair growth. If your body doesn't get enough sleep and you're under

heat, it kills your skin cells and hinders the development of your facial hair.

So to prevent this issue, confirm that your body is physically and mentally

comfortable and that you have enough sleep.

Men sleeping

Either you make a normal sleep schedule, then follow it properly and cut back the

stress level you're going to do meditation or yoga. It will help regenerate your hair

follicles and improve the quality of your hair until you sleep and rest. Having 6 to 8

hours of sleep will give your facial hair a significant improvement in intensity and


5. Lifestyle choices to focus on

Quit Smoking: Smoking is terrible in many ways. It restricts the flow of

oxygen and blood, and your facial hair need both to bloom.

Take extra care of the face: wash and clean the face regularly to moisturize

the skin and improve blood circulation. It exposes pores and helps to scale

back dead skin cells that are a serious explanation for ingrown hairs.

Control stress: Manage stress and relax well enough that the weakened skin

cells can rebuild themselves and support the growth of the beard. Beards grow

quicker until you're comfortable.

Drink Enough Water: Water has a crucial role in hair growth because it

regulates your blood heat to take care of levels favorable for hair growth,

which results in healthy hair growth.

Regular workout: regular exercise increases blood supply within the body,

which transmits blood to the hair follicles and also eliminates

contaminants from the skin, which rapidly improves healthy hair


Men's daily routine

“Your character tells the world you are a real man but your beard is an exclamation point.”

A good beard care routine and timely trimming will help you grow even, healthy stubble

which will make your personality look better.

If you want to know which beard style suits you and the beard shapes that will

get along with your face type, connect with us now! Everyone wants to enhance who they're.

That’s okay. It’s human. But there’s a difference between improvement and need fulfillment.

An excellent beard is one that you simply can grow well. With the proper mindset and

touch of creativity, you'll turn into something special.

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