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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

‘’Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, Beta hamara aisa kaam karega!”

We all know these lines by heart and these lines resonate with any Indian kid but do we really care about our Dads as we care about our Moms? Don’t you think we underestimate our Father, after doing so much for us?

Do we ever acknowledge the fact that how much he goes through so that we don’t end up

having a FOMO? We need anything and he gets it, no matter how, but he manages to make

sure your wishes come true.

He gets your favorite toy from that toy store.

He gets you your favorite candy even if he feels dead tired, cannot even walk far away,

He gets tensed too whenever you get sick from eating that junk food outside,

Have you ever thought about giving it back to him?

Happy Father's Day Card

What about a day made specially to thank him for his impeccable efforts and sheer integrity towards you and your family? I know this little gesture isn’t even 1% of what he does every day but still, we all can try to do something from our end, right? Yes, I know you must be thinking why to have only one dedicated day why not any other day you can thank him, nobody stopping you to do that but its better to start from somewhere, then why not Father's day?

Father’s Day is an auspicious day that presents a beautiful opportunity for all of the children to shower all the affection and love they have for their Fathers doing little things for them wholeheartedly. Father’s Day in India has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last decade or so, as children growing up in this social media era, know about this day very well and keep on celebrating it with full zeal and enthusiasm. We all just need to tell them that we love them even more than they love us.

Here are a few ways to express your love, no matter how far or close you are to your lovable dad. Now, are you ready to make this father’s day the best?

1. Gratitude over Gifts

We usually prefer to plan something extravagant to celebrate Father’s Day. It involves

getting a cute gift for their dad or baking a cake for them, some of this often comes with

a hefty price tag but as we all are going through tough times where we cannot even go

out. We all can recall the moments when we used to wish our dad, a handmade

card, no matter how good or bad we made it but our dads always used to feel so moved by this personalized gift.

Father Daughter cute hug

Instead of all the big things you promised yourself you’d get him this father’s day, just

like old times, try to do something small but personal, you can wish him a warm hug filled

with affection and if you are away from home, write him a heartwarming message with your deep feelings how you feel about him. A video call would be the most effective as he will be happy to see you. However, just try to make him feel whatever you have been thinking to express all this while but in little pieces because you’ve got the whole day ahead, all dedicated to him.

2. Pet Pooja with Paratha

Today is the best day to showcase your cooking skills (even if you are an amateur), no

matter how much you can cook but you can surprise your father with Poori Sabji or even

an Aloo ka paratha or something which is his favorite dish. Now, If you are not in town then don’t lose hope because it is the effort that counts, you can just video call him and show him what you have made for him, he will definitely feel very happy about it and probably tell you to make it once again when you are back home.

Aloo Parantha

Fathers usually do not get the moments to spare some time for themselves because a

whopping 44% are engaged in business and the rest of them are doing jobs which

require a lot of attention and focus, so whenever you do anything for them, they really

appreciate those little tokens of love.

It can be any basic or novice dish until it is straight from your heart. Just cooking his favorite dessert might be the best way to make his heart feel happy because ‘Aapke dil ka raasta, Aapke pet se hokar jaata hai.’ You do not have to worry about it much, you can always ask your father to join you in the kitchen and it can be a simple son-father or daughter-father cooking time together these moments touch those notes in someone’s soul which nothing else can. This simple cooking session with your father will be cherished by him, forever as a wonderful memory.

3. Take him trip down the memory lane

Whenever we revisit some of our past, it helps us to realize how far we have come and

recall some moments which we have forgotten because we have got so busy in this fast-paced life. I can bet your father must be having some great stories from his childhood or

college! Don’t you wanna know how he was as a kid? When was he caught red-handed by his father? Was he just like you or even naughtier in school? Did he also get a call from the dean's office for something he did?

Photo Album

You can find his old albums with the help of your Mom and find all the answers straight

from him and if this doesn’t work out for you or you are stuck in a different city due to this lockdown situation then another thing which you can do is to ask your siblings, cousins, extended family members, and any of his old friends to send in their old photographs with him or any old memories with a sweet message recorded. Once you receive all the recordings and images, you can compile them in a small video using apps available on the app store, backed by your introductory heartwarming message which you will write for him, if you can write something with a rhythm, it will act as a cherry on the top.

“A picture is worth a thousand words...and a video is worth a million pictures...”

You cannot even imagine how much your father will get invested in that video

when he will go through all those old pictures with everyone's message especially your message will pull his heartstrings. There will definitely be a lot of stories that will make him laugh hysterically or tears of joy in those moments so are you ready for some serious work here?

4. Try to redefine his look

Fathers are stubborn for all the right reasons but when it comes to spending some

money on them, they term it as ‘Fizul Kharchi’( Why would anyone do that?)

We are shopping for them only but it turns out that the truth is that there are very

few chances that they will change the way they wear clothes, their look or even how they

keep a mustache. Dads are so specific about their attire because they have a certain

image in the society which they have to maintain and they cannot play with their style

because they are in a formal and business environment most of the day where there is a

code of dressing too.

Father Son moment

This is definitely not an easy task but it is not impossible if you get your Mom onboard

because no married man can say no to his wife, right? You and your mom can make a wish list of prospective clothes going on leading fashion websites online and then present it to your father to choose between them, and make him understand that this little change will make him look so much better than right now. You just need to get him the right advice when it comes to dressing up and then he will look like a completely new person or gift him an expert personalized service. If you are still confused then just feel free to hit us up.

You can always stress the importance of dressing these days as a bonus to increase their business or a lasting impression on his colleagues, to enhance his look this father's day, which can be a beautiful gift by you in the longer run.

5. Have a quick game followed by a good movie

Fathers, in general, do not reckon to play video games as you do, as they have real

problems to solve but you can always count on Ludo, Saanp Seedhi, Carrom, cards games like Rummy, Twenty-nine, Begum chor, Uno and Antakshari when it comes to playing games because these all are quick, light, and fun games with family. If you are away then you can play these games through a variety of apps like Ludo King, Yalla Ludo, Bingo, etc. which will enable you to play all of the above with the help of the internet.

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli playing lboardgames  with their family

After playing a few games, you can tune into Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch a film with him, you can go for some beautiful films based on parenting like Paa, Dangal, Taare Zameen Par, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, or some old movies like Chupke Chupke or Golmaal, etc. to have just light laugh together. All these films are the most celebrated films and will make sure that you and your father are having a great time. If you are away then you can just use the Netflix party chrome extension to watch the movie together.


We all love our fathers unabashedly but kids in this modern era seem to have forgotten

that to prove your love, you have to pour it out in person Keeping things to yourselves or putting a Father's day post on your social media won’t make them understand your true feelings. We all keep ourselves caught up in the reel world so much that we forget about the

people who always stand by us. We prefer not sharing to someone standing by our side

asking if everything is okay but telling how everything is going wrong in our lives to

someone on the internet we barely know. It is not that hard to make someone feel how much you care about them and he is your Father, he is busy but he is always there for you, doing work night and day so that you can live your dreams!

These were just a few ways how you can make your father feel that love you have for

him in your heart but with that said, everyone has their own way of making someone feel

special. You can add a few more things to make this day the best day of his life! If you still do not know, listen up, the only thing that matters to your father in the whole world is you and you only!

If you feel the same, which I assume you do, then pull up your socks and think about

How you are going to surprise your Father? What are you going to make for him?

There’s so much to do! What are you waiting for?



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