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8 Morning Habits to Achieve Your Goals In 2022

How are people successful? How did Sharukh become King Khan? Elon Musk became a billionaire? Jeff Bezos became the richest man on the planet? They have the same 24 hours as we do, but how do they manage to pull out the maximum of it? Well, not a motivational article as the name suggests but this is going to be a practical one for sure.

Achieving a goal in life takes two things, a healthy body and a productive mind. So, let’s talk about some morning habits which will not only make you healthy but also productive at the same time.

Morning good habits

1. Join The 5 AM Club

Wakey Wakey Sleepyhead! You don’t know what you are missing out on if you don’t wake up early. It is said; early morning is the most productive hour for many. Waking up early is not only good for your health, but you are also early on planning your day and your work schedule. The early bird gets the worm. Due to the habits of scrolling social media and binge-watching our sleep schedule has been turned upside down. If you want to wake early, try to sleep by 11 pm. If you are sleeping at 2 am and waking up at 5 am to show who the boss is, you might wake soon at your hospital bed. As important as waking up early, so is sleeping 7-8 hours a day for better health.

Clock showing 5 AM morning

2. Hit The Gym

Gear up your gym equipment and hit the gym. Slay your cardio or gym routine and burn the calories. Also, you will be less distracted as early morning means fewer people and you can have the gym and all the equipment to yourself. Your energy is maximized when you strain your body and become active physically. This also helps you to maintain your energy for the whole day. Early morning exercises also help you control your blood pressure and sugar levels. An hour of early hour burning calories energizes and strengthens your body to what is coming next throughout your day. To start with a morning walk or a few yoga asanas can be incorporated as exercise need not mean lifting weights or cardio always.

Gym workout

3. Strengthen Your Mind

Physical exercise will only strengthen your body. But what about the best weapon you have? Meditation is the best workout for your mind. Not only does meditation calm your mind, but regular meditation also balances your internal energy levels, thus making you a better decision-maker and the king of productivity. Breathe-work can be an easy way to begin your journey. There are a lot of guided meditation videos on social media, especially on YouTube. Start with 5-10 minutes if you are a beginner, then go on increasing your time as needed.

Men doing meditation

4. Healthy Breakfast

Start your day with wholesome nutritious food. What this will do is raise your energy bars to the optimum level, and make you feel enthusiastic. See, junk food will make a way in your life as problems do. So, try to keep the three prime time food intakes healthy and full of nutrition. You can have oats with milk served with fruits dressing and a few nuts, or you can have masala oats, with the goodness of veggies and eggs, or any healthy option as you like it.

As they always say eat like a king in the morning because what you eat in the morning acts as a trigger to your digestive system and helps in maintaining gut health. So, a nutritious meal is what you have to include every morning. Better prep for it at night if you have a busy routine.

Healthy Breakfast

5. Proper Hydration

Studies prove that people who keep them hydrated, tend to think and focus more clearly than others. Furthermore, water is an essential fluid that has multiple benefits, from taking care of the skin to the cell which makes it up. Always remember to drink a glass of water after you get out of bed, and take sufficient water in between throughout the day to keep your body’s hydration game at a top-level always.

At least 8-10 glasses of water or 3 litres are recommended every day. Start your day with a glass of hot water within an hour of waking up. Adding honey or lime juice along with it is optional. Include this in your routine detox your body every morning.

Men Drinking water

6. Plan Your Day

Block your time for the day or schedule your tasks of the day. Make a routine and stick to it. Study yourself and identify your peak creative hours, peak energy hours, and not in the mood hours. Leave the creative and productive work to the creative hours, hard or difficult work to the energetic hours and spend some leisure or quality time with your family, in the no mood hours to regain your drained energy levels. This simple routine technique will take you a long way.

Time is energy, so balance your tasks of the day according to the level of energy you have. You can also plan the day a night before and look at the list before you start your day.

Planning your day

7. Express Gratitude

Stay thankful to even the smallest opportunities life has offered you. Start practising this by saying in the morning three things you are thankful for before beginning your day. This not only keeps your mind healthy and clean but you will see with time, how you have become to appreciate the value of even the smallest moments of life.

You can also use guided gratitude videos to help you get started with the process. Being grateful for what you have and your life attracts abundance. This habit will keep you strong even in the toughest situations of your life.

Showing Gratitude

8. Avoid Smartphones

Don’t always stay so hooked up with your smartphone that you miss the precious moments of your life. Also, it is better if you avoid smartphones from the beginning of the day. Try to stay away from it as much as you can. Experts recommend not using any gadgets for at least 1-2hours at the beginning of the day. If you are listening to music during work out or in your leisure time, then that is a different thing. What we mean to say is that oftentimes when you are all brimming with positive energy simple bad news from social media or your google feed can ruin your mindset.

Avoiding smartphone

Thus, these are the list of habits that can help you achieve your goals. Now you know about these habits but knowing and doing are two different things. To see a change in your life you must implement them consistently. Strive towards your dream with all your power, for you live only once. And if you think let life what it is as you are too old to set new goals,

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis.

Your future self will thank you for taking this one step in starting a new lifestyle. If you need a buddy to help you to enhance your personality to build your personal brand effectively. Connect with us for a customized program for you.

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