5 t-shirts to splurge on for a comfortable wardrobe this summer

With India going through one of it's hottest heat waves, it has become crucial for us to

upgrade our summer wardrobes to provide us with maximum comfort. One of the most

comfortable pieces of clothing is a simple T-shirt. T-shirts are also the most multi-purpose

pieces of clothing. You can wear it to the gym or for a work-from-home conference without

confusing your wardrobe choices. If you are totally crushing on the airport looks of Shahid

Kapoor or jealous of the comfy t-shirts Vicky Kaushal wears, then this is for you.

Here are a few t-shirt styles which you might have missed from your shopping list

1. Nothing Like A Comfy Long Sleeve

Long sleeves have always been associated with formals but not until recently they

have also taken the T-shirt industry by storm. These suit most of the body types and

are known for their versatility. You can wear it to a formal occasion or a casual

Sunday brunch with your closest friends. Full sleeve t-shirts also provide the benefit

of not only keeping us cool but also of making us look cool while protecting our skin

from tanning and painful sunburns in summers.

If you have a stubborn paunch then you should definitely go for it. A classic white,

full sleeve tee has been a timeless favorite but now full-sleeve T-shirts are also

available in ombre, color-block and for those extremely casual outings with your

friends, in graphic print too, at super affordable prices. Pair a long-sleeve tee with

chinos or jeans for a casual look and add a French tuck for an elevated effect. The

choices are endless when it comes to long sleeve T-shirt so play to your strengths and

let it work its magic for you.

Here & Now Full Sleeve T-shirt

2. This is ‘Y’ you should have it

A Henley T-shirt, or a Y-Neck T-shirt, is lightweight and stylish option for your

work-from-home conferences. These T-shirts will not only keep you at ease the entire

day but will also help you create a great impression at your work meeting. Henley’s

are made of cotton and are super lightweight which makes them perfect for Indian

summers. They resemble the classic polo t-shirts minus the collars.

If you want to highlight your shoulders then, grab these shirts and wear it with the

first two buttons open. These T-shirts form the foundation of a perfect summer look

paired with shorts for the weekend and chinos for the work week. A Henley can take

your simple denim-and-tee look up a notch without compromising on your comfort.

You can go for a this in a solid color or choose a color blocking t-shirt for a contrast


Jack & Jones Henley T-shirt

3. Hooded T-shirts

Hooded style t-shirts add a very laid-back and athletic element to your outfit. It gives

your look a touch of sophistication and is perfect for the gym. However, there are some points to remember while investing in a hooded T-shirt for summer. Make sure to invest in a Supima cotton hooded t-shirt as it is softer, lighter and perfect for Indian weather. They are also long-lasting, durable and a wonderful one-time investment.

If you are working from home and want something easy and breezy, then this should

be your choice. You can also layer it with a crew neck t-shirt while traveling as it also

acts as a jacket.

Wrong Hooded T-shirt

4. Polo T-shirts

The classic, old Polo neck T-shirt will help you upgrade your summer look by giving

you a more mature and approachable appearance. The more formal alternative to a

basic round-neck Tee, Polo T-shirts will help you beat the heat with suave and class.

It’s a must have in a man’s wardrobe.

If you have a skinny hands and body proportions, then this is the perfect choice for

you. The ribbed half sleeves add volume to your hands and the spread collar broadens

your chest. For a casual look, pair an untucked polo T-shirt with a pair of jeans to

look urbane. For a formal look just tucking it in with a pair of well-fit chinos will

make you look effortless. Polo shirts are now also available in fun patterns such as

florals, colour-block, tie-dye and other geometric shapes and patterns to add a casual

touch to it. Shop for them now, after all, you can’t go wrong with classics.

Louis Philippe Polo T-shirt

5. Sleeveless T-shirts

The point of upgrading your summer wardrobes is to not only add some fashionable

pieces to it but also pieces that will help you combat this surging heat with style and

comfort. What can be more comfortable than a sleeveless T-shirt in summers, paired

with cotton shorts or tracks. However, there are a few pointers you need to remember

while styling a sleeveless Tee. One of the pointers is the fit. Make sure to invest in a

sleeveless Tee that is comfortable and not too loose on your body.

Try and avoid tees which have tacky colors and go for more subtle shades of white,

nude and pastels. If you are a morning jogger or an athletic gym person, then rock

these t-shirts to your best. Comfort fit t-shirts paired with jeans or shorts are the go-to

look for this summer. Make sure you don’t miss out on that!

Team Spirit Sleeveless T-shirt

And there you have it, a list of staples for the summer of 2020! Simple yet fashion forward,

these style options work great when paired with the right footwear and trousers of complementary colors. Be it following celeb styles or creating your own personal brand, get in touch with the personal stylists of Enzo League who will choose the right outfits to elevate your style.

Make your summer all about effortless fashion and comfort by making all the right

choices with the help of our pointers. Create a fashion-forward look without trying too

hard and look your stylish best by making the correct color choices. Invest in well-fitted

yet comfortable Tees this summer to make your summer bedazzling yet relaxed and effortless. What says effortless more than a simple tee? Which one are you adding

to your shopping cart?

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