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10 Beard Myths You Didn’t Know About

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Beards are indeed a powerful style statement for men. Beard is to a man what a mane is to a lion. Having a beard really gives you moral support and confidence in life. It adds a layer of masculinity to your personality unconsciously. But oftentimes when you try to grow a beard for the first time, you will hear certain facts and suggestions from your family or friends which might hinder your determination of growing your mane out. Let’s discuss some 10 such typical facts and see what is a ‘fact’ and what is a ‘myth’.

Rana Daggubati

1. Shaving frequently increases beard growth

This is one such typical myth that your friend will always advise you. “shave regularly and you will have a fuller beard.” You will do so and see that, yeah, the beard seems dense 2-3 days after shaving but when it grows out it is thin. So, what happened to the thickness? Actually, when you save the beard its pointedness is gone and it becomes blunt which appears darker and gives the illusion of thickness but when it grows out, it becomes pointed again and becomes thin.

Men shaving his beard

2. Use more beard growth oil and see the difference

Yeah, you will definitely see the difference that the remaining strands of your beard hair are also damaged. Excessive oiling can lead to hair breakage and irritate your skin. This marketing gimmick is what everyone falls for. No beard oil is scientifically proven to grow beard hair. This oil is like a nourishment for your beard, providing the necessary ingredients to make it stronger and healthier. This can increase the rate of beard growth on the already grown strands but it can’t grow out new strands.

Men applying Beard oil

3. Beard should fully grow in a month

Many people take the ‘No-shave November’ challenge and are disappointed in seeing their results. It’s ok if you don’t have a full beard by a month. Everyone has a different growth rate, You might grow a full beard in 3months whereas your friend may take one month. It is all based on genetics. Don’t give up on your beard dream on hearing this myth and always remember one thing, good things take time.

Men measuring his beard growth

4. Let your beard grow and it will stop itching

Now, this is partially true as when your beard is just growing out it itches much more compared to when you have a medium or long-length beard. But along or medium beard that doesn’t itch at all is a myth. That is why beard oil and beard washes are there to soothe the itch. Oftentimes when the skin underneath your beard gets dry due to less water intake, your diet is poor or you have a disbalance in sebum production, it itches, or simply sometimes it is a good signal for washing your beard and get rid of that dirt and sweat with beard wash.

Beard Itching

5. I have a patchy beard

The majority of the people always complain about having a patchy beard. Now, this is a myth as well as a fact. You may really have a patchy beard but oftentimes, we don’t give our beard enough time to grow. Not only do different people have different growth rates but also different areas of your face have different growth rates. Let it grow out completely. What might seem patchy to you in 1 month might turn to a full beard in the 3rd month. Just let it grow without comparing it with others.

Patchy Beard growth

6. Beard feels hot during summer

Well if that is a compliment then it’s ok but if we are talking about it heats you up then this is a myth. Beard increases sebum production and with it comes sweat which gets trapped in your beard and when you walk in the breeze, you are practically walking with an air cooler on your face. Also, your sunscreen money is saved.

Men having a beard in summer

7. Beards are unhealthy

Now Hey, isn’t that racist? You keep your hair, Is that unhealthy? But it can be unhealthy when you don’t wash and treat it properly. The same goes for the beard. If you don’t maintain your beard, it is bound to get unhealthy. Beard actually is a natural shield against dirt, germs, pollens, and so on. It keeps your skin healthy.

Beard are unhealthy

8. You should get a beard by 20/25

See beard has nothing to do with your age, all secrets lie in your hormones and genetics. Some get a mature beard by 18 only while for some it takes 50 to get a fuller beard, while some never get a full beard. If your genetics show a full beard, then don’t worry, you will have it someday and as always remember, good things take time.

Berzinsky Beard growth

9. Never forget to apply beard products

Let me tell you, people, a secret. Sometimes to gain good results, you need to break a few rules. It’s ok if you don’t apply products on your beard once or twice a week. At the end of the day, all we are applying are chemicals only. So, to have a chemical-free day is in fact good for your beard. Let your beard roam wild sometimes.

Men enjoying with his beard

10. Maintaining a beard is easy

All you need to say is “goodbye razor” and boom you have a good beard. You might have a beard but not a good one. Sporting a good beard requires care just like your hair. You need to comb it, wash it, oil it, style it. It takes time and patience to have a good beard. There would be days when you feel like chopping it off. Enough is enough. But again, there would be days when you will be proud of your facial hair. As we all know, good and bad are just part of the growing process.

Beard care kit

So, these are some of the top myths that you would face throughout your beard growth journey. Just keep in mind only one word, “Patience”. Patience is really the key to success when you are growing out a beard and don’t compare it with others. Your beard is yours, master it first. Oftentimes you will feel like giving up. Just remember you didn’t come this long to give up. Just hang on and yes, good things take time. We guarantee you, you yourself will be shocked with the result. Keep it growing guys.

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