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Wardrobe Segregation


De-clutter the wardrobe and discard the worn-out clothes to make space for a minimalistic wardrobe. A mindful session on how to efficiently utilize the space in your closet and get rid of clothes those are of no use

Personal Style Report with detailed analysis

A complete guide that solves the problem of what to wear and when to wear. Get personalized recommendations that suit your body type, accessories that match them as well as other interesting utilities.

Wardrobe Audit and Assessment

An organized wardrobe is a sign of a successful man. It is not only important to keep the wardrobe clean and organized but also to keep the right things at the right places.  A productive wardrobe is the one that saves you from decision fatigue every day.

Personal Color Analysis

Some colors might look good in the store when you buy, but not when you wear it. Be sure of the colors that will suit your skin tone and that will enhance your complexion. Get a customized color palette with various combinations which you can use in your everyday dressing.

Online consultation

A mini-guide to understand your body type, skin tone, face type or more with this one-to-one style consultation. You can also get a personalized grooming regime that will help your skin look refreshing and tame the beard.

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