Online Consultation for Body Type Analysis , Grooming Regime

Online Consultation is an online mini personal session with our professional stylists to understand yourself better and groom yourself with ease.


Know your body type and what suits you the best, understand your skin tone and face type, get curated grooming recommendations or regime.


Discover the new you and flaunt it with confidence.

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Call With Stylist

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Hair Style Suggestions




Personalized Report

Please choose the Online Consultation Type in the field provided for the expert to understand before the scheduled call.

There are 3 types of Online Consultation:


1. Style Consultation - To know about your body type and get recommendations around clothing that suits your personality. 

2. Grooming Consultation: To know what beard suits your face type and product recommendations.

3. Grooming Regime Consultation: To get mini grooming routine planned by an expert for you.


 It Includes:                                                                                                                                                                  

  1. Personalized Style Questionnaire

  2. 15-30 minutes virtual personal style session via Phone/Skype.

  3. Mini PDF Guide sent with recommendations.

  4. Basic Style  or Grooming Tips