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YOGA – The Work From Home Edition

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

What if I tell you a procedure which will protect as well as maintain your body. This is a secret you all have known for ages but have not tried Either you put forth-telling you don’t have a mat to do it or you might feel you are not sure of what to do and never even try it. Yoga is for all of us, be it your kid stuck on screen the whole day or for you busy in meetings all the time with work stress.

Yoga Poses for home

Up until now, you may have known that yoga only is used for mental wellness and spirituality but it has a wide variety of benefits. If practiced on a daily basis, your body will not only be resilient from both inside and outside, you will be in shape and will experience glamorous skin as well. Certain postures of yoga are a great bonus for supporting and boosting the immune system and we bring you 5 such easy postures to cut down your risk of danger in these hard times. Why not start practicing them with your family every day. It can be a new way to bond together.

1. Pranayama

Pranayama is the foremost and most important yoga posture that you should definitely practice on a daily basis. It is simple yet a very effective way to boost your immune system and fill your body with positive vibes. Deep breathing will not only relax your body but also increases the functioning and vitality of the lungs and heart. Steps: · Sit on the ground comfortably by crossing your legs. · Sit straight, shoulders over hips and head elevated over the shoulders. · Extend your body a bit and start inhaling deeply till full capacity. · Exhale slowly, all the air you let in.

Duration: · 5-10 mins. Caution: · Before we begin the next postures you must warm up your body with a few stretching and arching of your wrist, hands, legs, and waist or you may experience sudden cramps.

Pranayama Pose

2. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is a back-bending pose that is also an integral part of the ‘Surya Namaskar’. It is a magic posture and therapeutic for asthma patients and back pains. It stretches the muscles of the chest and opens the hearts and lungs boosting our respiratory system. It also relieves stress and fatigue, as well as works, wonders for irregular menstrual cycles. Plus it increases circulation for glowing skin. Steps: · Lie down flat on your stomach, with legs straight, and spread your palms under your shoulder, bringing the elbows close to the side of your body. · Press the tops of feet and thighs firmly to the floor. · Press your palms on the floor, breathe in and straighten the arms to lift your chest up till your navel, let the rest of the body be connected to the floor. · Keep pushing your navel center downwards and widen your shoulders and stretch your chest as much as you can and hold the pose.

Duration: · 15-30 seconds.

Caution: · Don’t leave the pose with a jerk, slowly undo it and return to the beginning position. · Don’t hold your breath, breathe normally. · Don’t overstretch on the first day, or you will have a muscle injury.

Bhujangasana Pose

3. Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is a great posture for persons with any kind of respiratory problem. As it stretches the chest muscles, it will also do its job in enhancing the functioning of the heart and lungs. It is wonderful for relieving renal (kidney-related) problems and also works on menstrual discomforts and constipation. Steps: · Lie on your stomach with your feet apart and arms by your side. · Fold your knees and hold your ankles by taking your hands backward. · Breathe in and lift your chest and pull your legs backward at the same time holding the ankles. · Stretch and lift your chest as much as your body permits.

Duration: · 15-30 seconds.

Caution: · Do not leave the position with a jerk, slowly rest your legs and return to the beginning position. · Do not hold your breath, breathe normally. · Do not overstretch, else you will suffer muscle injury.

Dhanurasana Pose

4. Matsyasana

Matsyasana works wonders for relieving nasal passages or congestion in the respiratory tracts. Furthermore, it stretches the muscles of the chest and thus enhances the durability of our respiratory organs. The elevated pose boosts our immune system as well as our energy levels and relieves all neck and shoulder pains. Steps: · Lie on your back and place your hands underneath your hips, palms facing down, and bring your elbows too close towards each other. · Breathe in and lift the chest and the head up. · Keeping the posture, lower your head backward till it touches the floor. · Lift your chest up as much as you can put pressure on the elbows and press the thighs and legs on the ground.

Duration: · 10-15 seconds.

Caution: · Do not put any pressure on the head. · Do not hold your breath, breathe normally. · Do not overstretch on the first day, stretch gradually.

Matsyasana Pose

5. Uttanasana

Uttanasana effectively deals with asthma problems and protects the sinuses and mucus membranes which are the first line of defense against cold and allergy. This posture relieves congestion as well as is therapeutic for infertility. It also relieves stress and fatigue and calms your mind. Steps: · Stand up straight and stretch your fit to hip-distance apart. · Breathe in and Slowly bend over till you can, parallel to your legs. · Keep your legs straight and stretch out your arms to touch the ground and hold the position. · You can also keep your hands on your ankles or thighs.

Duration: · 10-15 seconds.


· Do not overstretch or you may suffer muscle injury.

· Do not hold your breath, breathe normally.

Uttanasana Pose

Yoga has an age-old practice in India to keep the body and mind fit and fine. As tough it gets from now on, it is going to be really dangerous to just rely on vaccines and hygiene. Make the most of these times by building these healthy habits one for your body, one for your soul, and one for your mind. Yoga fits in for all of these.

If you get well-versed in this and want to explore more then there are numerous apps and YouTube tutorials that help you go ahead in the journey of yoga. Make your body the best shield against this invisible enemy with our recommended 5 yoga postures. Besides, the bonuses are clear skin and a healthy figure. So stay safe and in shape.

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