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How To Steal Style From These Iconic Fictional Characters

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Binge-watching has become the favorite national time pass for Indians. Almost 85% of the people are engrossed with binge-watching during this lockdown. Different web series, different films, different characters, and different stories, Some inspire us, while some fail to cross the impression line, but one thing is for sure, there are certain style statements that you can definitely borrow from each of them.

Collage of Bollywood and Hollywood Actors

Suit your personality and suit your style because here we are going to discuss the top 10 characters who gave major style statements, which you can incorporate in your daily styling segment and bring the best out of you. 1. Kabir Thapar (Yeh Jawani hai Deewani)

Kabir Thapar may not be the popular name but, you remember Bunny for sure from YJHD. He is a cool, funny, and charismatic person who loves adventure. If you are adventurous yourself, you must add a leather jacket to your wardrobe first, followed by Henley and casual shirts with playful colors and denim, as they go best with the playful attitude.

Make plaids your best friend as they are easy to carry and pair them with solids. You will also see how his beard transforms in every phase of his life. From a clean-shaven cute boy look to wanderer stubble, then to a deep artistic full beard. The beards and their styles add more to his personality. So, you can also try styles and think of what persona you want to portray.

Ranbhir Kapoor in film Yeh Jawani hai Deewani

2. Rocky (KGF)

Heads go down as Rocky’s name is heard throughout the world. The 70s style is beautifully recreated with printed Shirts, beautiful solid blazers, tailored trousers, and vintage glasses with a boss-like attitude. This outfit will go better with a bit of a muscular physique. The best way to pick this style is with colorful suits. However, if you are not confident enough for the colorful suits then, try printed shirts along with your suits.

Get a beard and a bit of gain and rock the ‘rocky’ style. The long hair and the macho beard are his signature style. It is difficult to carry this in a professional setting however you can tone this look down with a full beard and a man bun, or just a full beard with a quiff or a fade.

Yash in movie KGF Chapter 1

3. Lucifer (Lucifer)

Lucifer is a perfect combination of class and badass. He is the ultimate guide to rock a formal dress code. The hell will freeze on earth with his uber-cool formals. The combination of solid shirts with solid blazers sometimes with a waistcoat, the tuxedo, nicely tailored trousers, and last but not the least, the eye stealing black leather jacket along with that thick subtle, and quirky smirk reflects the devil with pure class.

This is the simplest look amongst all that you can easily carry in a professional set-up and you will take your personal brand a notch higher with this look. If you want to bring out the devil within you, go for the devil’s style itself.

Luciferin famous Netflix Series

4. Akash Malhotra (Dil Chahta Hai)

Dil Chahta Hai was a path-breaking development in the Bollywood industry with the style statement bought by Akash Malhotra which went on to inspire the dressing sense of the next generations for men. The synthetic leather pants with striped shirts are the ideal one to rock the 90s style and hit the pub with your friends.

The casual tees and the fisherman hats for the vacation along with the glasses are still trendy. The goatee still steals the hearts of every woman now. If you like to keep a clean-shaven look always then you can give this soul-patch style a try.

Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai

5. Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)

One of the recent style icons is Damon Salvatore, who is a badass vampire. If you have always dreamt of joining the bad boy club, Salvatore will gladly welcome you with leather jackets, especially the biker one, V necked drop cut t-shirts, henleys, typical slim fit solid shirts, and slim fit pants, neither too tight nor too baggy to maintain the equilibrium of masculinity.

If black is your go-to color for anything and everything, Damon surely matches your personality types. However, to look more presentable, break the look with some light or neutral shades to compliment your skin tone.

Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries

6. Rohan Raichand (Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham)

Rohan Raichand is the casual guy with no care in the world. He loves to wear sleeveless vests and sweatshirts to flex his muscles and if you have a fine physique you can have these as casual wear. If you are not that muscular then you can still go for looks with jackets, trench coats, and so on.

The Henleys and jackets are always trendy and further you can wear turtle necks and cargos too. The perfect casual yet attention-seeking get-up. His cool dude style is what you can pick for your next date or meeting your friends.

Hrithik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

7. Assane Lupin (Lupin)

Though an out-of-time fictional character, Lupin’s outfits had been well-managed by the stylists in respect to the 20th century and you can give it a try without thinking twice. The iconic cape has been replaced by a long coat which is easy to try and to add the French touch. You can wear the wool coats in the monsoons or layer them during the winters.

The Ivy cap, of course, is the type of hat that can be sported by most men, it is versatile enough to wear during summers as well as winters. The leather jackets and blazers are a part of the costume design to enhance the 20th-century backdrop. If you are off a slightly dark complexion then wear these outfits in slightly light colors and if you have a wheatish complexion then you can go for dark colors in this style.

Assane Lupin  in famous Netflix series Lupin

Try each one out and see what suits best for you. These characters have the best taste in style, be it a casual one or a formal one. The style inspirations one can draw from them are immense. Now you know what to wear for which event but can you find out which color suits your skin the best? Without this knowledge, you will go straight from aesthetic to pathetic in no time even with the recommended style. Now don’t worry we are always here to sort things out for you. Connect with our panel of experts to get a detailed analysis and let the outfits do the talking.

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