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A Handy Checklist For Celebrating Your Diwali

As everything turned upside down during the last two years, our lives have become a mess. All the festivals came and went but we were trapped in our house, which is pretty sad for us who live in the land of festivals. But as the cases are decreasing, and with the completion of 1 billion vaccinations, some light can be seen at the end of the dark tunnel. Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. As everything is reviving slowly, let this Diwali show some light on the to-do list that had been in darkness for these years.

Happy Diwali

1. Celebrate Wholeheartedly

The first thing to do is to celebrate this Diwali with your heart and soul. Spend some quality time with your friends and family. Appreciate the fireworks that lit up the sky and just get along with the vibes of the atmosphere. Eat together and enjoy the moment and try to stay away from your phone as much as you can. These are the times to create new memories and cherish the old ones.

Family celebrating Diwali together

2. Rejuvenate and Decorate

It had been years since you moved your body and did some work other than sitting on the chair for office meetings and lying on the bed doing office works. This Diwali rejuvenates your house and gives it a new life. Move the unused stuff from the houses, clean up the piles of newspapers and magazines, rearrange your room for a fresh look, and include some green in your house. Don’t forget the bright lights or you can go totally old school with diyas. Here are some products to help you out.

Clean decorated house

3. De-clutter Your Wardrobe

It had been long since you last opened your wardrobe to wear something special to go out. As you will go through them, you will find many clothes that you had never worn or don’t fit you anymore. Also, you will find clothes that you liked once and now you don’t like them. All these had been eating up your storage space. Donate the unused or old ones to an old age home or an orphanage to add to your good karma and keep the ones that suit you. Also, as the winter is coming, you need to keep your winter garments in check. You can also connect with our team of stylists to give your wardrobe a necessary boost.

Guy cleaning and decluttering his wardrobe

Some of the products which can help you during your wardrobe decluttering.

Wardrobe Separator

Wardrobe Organizer

Wardrobe Separator - Buy Now Cabinet Organizers - Buy Now 4. Cleaning Your Machine Beast

If you had not cleaned your bike or car during recent times, now is the time. Clean up the dirt, dust and wash out all the impurities to give that perfect shine it deserves. Imagine going on a drive or dining out in the evening in a dirty car or on a dirty bike. If you are giving yourself a make-over, your machine deserves one too for all the delight it gave you during the rides.

Cleaning the royal enfield bike

5. Hone Your Cooking Skills

Even though you are not a good cook, try out some simple recipes from YouTube with your near ones. You can try out Kheer and surprise your friends and families with your special homemade dessert. If you are a pro at cooking, then you can try out some advanced recipes. If you don’t even know how to turn on the gas, this is the perfect moment to be a learner. Go to the kitchen and help your mother. or your wife or your friend. It will help you learn a lot of things. Maybe not this Diwali but in the next one, you would be able to cook some delicious dishes.

Family cooking together

6. Attention to Tradition

It is time to go for the full traditional outfit. The festival of lights should be rightly served with vibrant and bright long kurtas and Nehru Jackets. Get some bright or printed eye-catching Nehru Jackets. Now don’t go all glittering, try to keep the kurta solid and the Nehru jacket printed. If you like experimenting, then you can go with vibrant kurtas of different styles, like the asymmetric kurta, the side button or the side cut ones leaving the Nehru jacket. You can try out dhoti or harem pants that complement your upper outfit. Sandals or Mojaris or leather loafers will do the job as your footwear. You would be in awe after checking yourself in the mirror. You can check our blog on the traditional outfits to know further what to wear at which festival.

Men wearing asymmetric kurta with printed modi jacket

7. Go Out or Dine-Out with Family

Spend some quality time with your family. They had been demanding time from you ever since. It is good once in a while to go out with your family. After all, family is all that we got. If you had been thinking that too but couldn’t afford the time, this is the time. Go shopping with your family this Diwali. Also, you can buy some gifts for them along with the things that you need. Also, if shopping is not your favourite thing to do, you can go dining in a beautiful place in the evening.

Family Shopping during Diwali

8. Set Your Goals Right

Many goals and ideas have wavered during the last two years. What we planned has not always gone well but that doesn’t mean that we should stop planning or stop setting our goals. Think of some small goals and try to fill them whole-heartedly. Like finishing the book that you left unfinished, spending at least a day in a week with family, connecting and reconnecting with old friends, going on that long-planned Goa tour, and so on. As you will go on fulfilling one goal after another, you will be more confident and happier in life to dream bigger.

To Do List

These are some of the ideas for your to-do list this Diwali. Try out each and every point or you may add these to your own to-do list that you have made. Make sure to let us know which points you followed or found useful from the list. Let this Diwali be your guide to a new lifestyle filled with joy and happiness. Last but not the least, burst your favourite crackers safely and have a safe and sound Diwali.

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