Worried about those small grey hairs popping out of nowhere?

Stopped socializing as the grey hairs stop you from being acceptable?

Tired of dyeing them on and on?

It’s a nightmare when young men see the first stages of emerging grey hair. Dyeing them is what you always think of, but here is a relief that you can amazingly turn them into a boon.

Here are some of the ways you can take over the taboo of the salt and pepper look.

1. Shouts Out Maturity

This look is a mark of experience and wisdom. Keep your head high and let them know your abilities and unleash your own self with it. Carry it with pride and grey is no more for old people. Those silver streaks can speak more than the layer of thick dye.

2. The Style Statement

The world is swooning for men in grey hairs. Be it Oscars or the Red carpets, celebrities are making a style statement with it. Inspired by this some of the young men are also opting to silver dyes to create the salt pepper look.

3. Go Bold and Confident

The highly sophisticated look with it makes you look regal in its own way. It’s just the matter of confidence in which you carry it. Accept it as an asset and stand with your head held high to show the wisdom you posses.

4. Keep it short and to the point

Always keep it short and subtle. Go for hairstyles that suit your face shape and enhance the grey hairs where needed. Don’t shy away to adopt the look, they not only look trending but also shows the level of self confidence in you to carry your true self.

5. Groom it well

Trying to pick them out or brush them off will damage your follicles more. Instead nourish them with oil and other essential products to improve their texture and shine. They will enhance your grey hairs better and look attractive.


They are the sign of hustle in your life. Be proud of it and do not hesitate anymore and carry it with confidence.

Prove the world that the salt and pepper look is no more a taboo.


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