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10 Hidden Gems Near Bangalore For A Weekend!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This year, COVID-19 has hit us hard, has it not?! Most of us were at home, glued to our television, mobiles, or computer. Craving to go out there and discover fresh places close to you? Have you been to nearly every single well-known location all across Bangalore? And Google gives you the same list again and again? Even Bangaloreans know Bangalore is a land of mystery.

Weekend Trip near Bangalore

In this list, you will get to unravel the mysteries of Bangalore. All of these places mentioned here are hardly explored places near Bangalore, so compared to other touristy areas, you can expect little crowd here. Get out of your work from home routine, wear your adventure shoes and get going.

1. Omkareshwara Hills

Omkareshwara Hill is a small hill in Rajarajeshwari Nagar in South Bangalore. It is situated 15km southwest of Bangalore. Good place with a serene atmosphere. Early morning long ride to this place will de-stress you. The best time to visit would be early morning or evening. You can also take the steps and go to see a broader view of Bangalore. It is advised to take water to keep you hydrated. It is located 2800 meters (1800 ft), one of Bangalore’s highest viewpoints, and also has a 40 meter (35 feet) gigantic clock tower, this tower is one of the world’s largest clock towers and is even larger than the iconic London Big Ben.

Omkareshwara Hills

2. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is a destination for the weekends. It’s a very quiet spot and a nice place to rest for 1-2 days. It is worth watching the sunrise and sunset. This place is the perfect escape if you are looking for a comfortable and quiet hill station for a day or two. It is approximately 120 KMs from Bangalore and close to 25 KMs from Madanapalli. It will certainly give you the opportunity to enjoy the views from the top of the hill. With decent food and accommodation, it provides a majestic place. In this spot, you would also love the constant cool breeze and lovely perspectives throughout the day. You have a quiet and stunning views place surrounded by greenery.

Horsley Hills

3. Kaikondrahalli Lake

Lake Kaikondrahalli is the ideal place to see a flock of birds gliding around the lake’s surface. For nature enthusiasts, it is also an amazing destination. It is only 15 kilometers. The perfect time to enjoy the lake and the serenity is in the morning. It’s a perfect place to take pictures of darters, currants, shikras, bee-eaters, kingfishers, and more.

Kaikondrahalli Lake

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4. Karighatta Hill

At an altitude of 2,697 feet, Karighatta Hill is A beautiful hillside, a nice access road, beautiful viewpoints, and a lovely little temple surrounded by trees and shrubs at the top of the hill. The Karighatta means “Elephant Hill”. It is 125 Kilometer away from Bangalore and It takes around 2 and a half hours drive from Bangalore.

Karighatta Hill

5. Madhugiri

Madhugiri is a little village. It is located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Bangalore. In around 1670 AD in the 17th century, Raja Hire Gowda was responsible for the building of an initial mud fort. The Gowda family considered constructing a fortress. This fort is located on a steep hillside. This place is perfect for those who are interested in trekking. If you love trekking and rock-climbing then this is the best spot for you.


6. Chota-Ladakh

Chota-Ladakh has located at a distance of around 60 km from Bangalore and 30 km from Kolar, between Bangalore and Kolar. This scenery and water bodies are very similar to the Laddakh Lake of Pangong. This may therefore be the justification for such a name. The real name of the game is “Dodda Ayur”. In addition, there is a word of warning not to swim in the water because several drowning cases are recorded and the water is believed to be chemically ridden from where it is

supposed to be blue.


7. Kopatty Trek

Kopatty is one of the top statues in the Kodagu locale (Coorg). Kopatty trek, 295 km from Bangalore on the foundation hill of Kopatty Village, offers you to witness the bliss of the lifestyle of Coorg and the limitless tropical trails of Karnataka’s the Western Ghats. Kopatty trek trail with jeep tracks, dense wildernesses, water streams, extensive glade, and deep green field towards the pinnacle, which is one of the best, enthusiastic trekking and the separation from Bangalore makes it the weekend’s most valuable trek.

Kopatty Trek

8. Kunti Betta

With the supreme beauty of Kunti Betta, it’s time to ditch everyday life and take the trails to rejuvenate. Trek up the hill and see a rising sun that will refresh your life. Although it is not that easy to leave the road here is just a small road to join the trails, you will be taken to Pandavapura by a 130 km drive on the Mysore road towards Mandya and then a right turn, past sugar cane plantations with the characteristic smell of plants. It is said that the Pandavas ended their 14-year long exile here, hence the Pandavapura name.

Kunti Betta

9. Thottikallu Falls

Thottikallu Falls is just 35 km from Bangalore and is one of the most beautiful places for nature enthusiasts and hikers. The stunning waterfall is also known as ‘Swarna Mukhi Falls’.The road to this fall could be challenging and hard. However, all your experience is totally worth it once reach the falls. Thottikallu Falls is a fusion of two neighboring waterfalls, one has a broad stream and the other is a small stream of waterfalls. Stand under the stream and refresh yourself after your fatiguing trek with a cold shower. You should also spare some time to visit National Park Bannerghatta and Ganapathi Shree Dodda Temple.

Thottikallu Falls

10. Suvarnamukhi Anjaneya Temple

The famous Suvarnamukhi Kalyani is located in the forest 5km from the Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple behind the hill. The water is thought to have curative powers in this Kalyani. Locals advise you that a dip is going to heal you from a variety of illnesses. It is just 56 kilometers from Bangalore. From the Champakadhama Swamy Temple or from the village of Kalkara you can begin your trek on the overhanging hill. The track takes you to Suvarnamukhi Mountain.

Suvarnamukhi Anjaneya Temple

In this list, you will get to unravel the mysteries of Bangalore's lesser-known gems. All of these places mentioned here are hardly explored places near Bangalore, so compared to other touristy areas, you can expect little crowd here. Get out of your work-from-home routine, wear your adventure shoes, and get going. To make your journey even more comfortable and convenient, you can opt for a car rental from Bangalore and explore these hidden gems with ease.

Happy tripping and most importantly, stay safe! And make sure you protect the places by keeping them clean. For the people of Bangalore, sitting at home on a day off should not be an option—not while these breathtaking offbeat places near Bangalore are waiting to cast their spell. As you go through our list of the lesser-known serene destinations near Bangalore, pack your bags to embark on a truly blissful weekend retreat. They are full of nature, culture, recreation, and all things desired for a weekend vacation. Are you ready to embark on the journey?

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