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Your dressing and style are a reflection of who you are which is why your wardrobe is one of the key factors. A productive wardrobe saves you time and also reduces the stress involved in last moment decision-making. When you have a wardrobe that fits best, have quality products, and understand how to wear, it increases your confidence. 

Timely cleaning of the wardrobe will give you a clear insight into what you are as a person and how your dressing depicts it. When you get a professional do it for you, it gives you the necessary push in the right direction. It is the best way to start over and create a new brand identity for yourself.  

It includes -

  •  Personalized style consultation

  •  Wardrobe Auditing & Rearranging to make it easy useable for day-to-day basis.

  •  Arrangement and division of the wardrobe according to your lifestyle. 

  •  Wardrobe segregation with pieces 'To be Kept' or 'To be recycled' or 'To discard' 

  •  Personalized clothes combinations created from your existing wardrobe. 

  •  Accessory arrangement.

  •  A guide for the next shopping session 

  •  Recommendation list with current strength and missing pieces in your wardrobe.

  •  List of recommendations and tips. 

  •  This service is available only in Bangalore.

  • *Virtual Wardrobe Audit for any city across India can be done (put a request to the team for the same)

Wardrobe Audit

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