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Personalized Shopping with expert stylists for getting a personalized wardrobe

Have you shopped for hours, choose outfits with utmost difficulty and regretted it after coming back  home. 


It’s a huge waste of money as well as your time when that piece is just sitting in your 

wardrobe for ages. 

Our experts will match the right outfit for you which will bring out the best in you. So, the next time you pick those clothes you need not think twice and look confident in them. 

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Personalized Body Analysis & Color Recommendations


Accessories that suits the outfits


Ultimate Shopping Experience


Style Consultation & Tips

An aesthetic look is incomplete without the accessories be it a men’s watch, belts, cufflinks or shoes we cover it 

all. We will make sure your shopping experience with us is effortless; all you have to do is try them 

and buy it.  

It includes :

  • Personalized body analysis  with a customized color pallette 

  • Accessories that suit the outfits.   

  • Ultimate shopping experience with the expert picking outfits for you.  

  • Charges are hourly based. (2 hours of minimum booking to be done) 

  • Style consultation and tips to manage the existing wardrobe.  

  • This service is available in Bangalore only.  

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