Enzo Times Monthly Edition

Enzo Times Monthly Edition

Enzo Times is a new mini creative and innovative Men's Style Magazine cum newspaper termed as  'Magpaper' which embodies the exotic elements of personal style as well as a theme for  every month. It contains the latest news about the fashion industry, trends, and various utilities a man can include to develop his personal brand image. 


Look forward to a new sensational edition every month which will help you in enhancing your everyday grooming, style, and overall communication.

It includes exciting utilities.Best part is you can just click the items you see and can buy them immediately.


Have you read the latest edition yet? Buy now!


Get our brand new editions directly in your mailbox every month by subscritption here 


To  get our email directly into your inbox and not in any other folders.Follow 3 simple steps :


1. Mark our email support@enzoleague.com  as Important if you are using GMail on Mobile.

- Click the 3 dots icon on the top right of your phone or your email and click Mark as important.


2. If you are on Desktop Using GMail, Add our email ID to your Contacts

- Just hover over  on our email  id in the mail  received and Click Add  to Contacts List.


3. If the emails are landing in the Promotions folder on GMail, Drag it to the Primary Folder.

- You just need to do it for the first few emails, and then all our emails will come to your primary folder.

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