How Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara Inspires In Dressing Right For Your Personality Even Today

It has been almost nine years since the feel-good, travel buddies movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara got released in the theatres by the all-time favorite, Zoya Akhtar. The film has proceeded to get an astounding fan following consistently over the years. There is no denying the reality, that the film is a delight to watch. What's more, because of the beautiful locations, the film is extraordinary for individuals who love to travel, significantly more so whenever you want to spend a fun movie night with your friends.

We accept that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, right until today, stays to be one of the most trendy movies for men. After innumerable changes in patterns and 'It-Styles,' a portion of the outfits that we have seen on Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, and Farhan Akhtar, the three driving men of the film, actually hold up truly well today.

Let us have a look at how each of these characters has made a lasting impact on the audience with their persona and of course their style.

Kabir – The Sanskari Sweetheart

Kabir played by Abhay Deol, previously has hardly had any shades of guilt, which he gets a kick out of the chance to cover up. The trace of hiding misery is clear in his face, yet he gives a valiant effort to imagine all has been consistently been well with him and will be in the coming times. He is one of those horrendously timid contestants to life who trusts in falling back on the most non-meddling methods of living.

He is the ideal Indian man, who believes in hiding one's emotions to make them stronger. Despite any situation, he is the best man when it comes to friendship and upholding the relationships which are why he even agrees adjusts to the proposal which he does not even make. He is very comfortable in being stuck in his own space. He is too scared to express himself due to anxiety about what might happen to his social image.

Playing safe and playing by the rules is what his style stands for. For a seashore occasion, the coral shirt of his is simply awesome. The lemon yellow shorts that have been combined with the shirt makes it considerably all the more engaging. His color choices remain neutral as he is bold enough to try colors like salmon reds, pinks, and so on. However, his exploration of prints is quite less and of course, his polo t-shirts are the ones that you should pick if you resonate with his style.

Pink and coral shadings do work for men of his skin tone and Kabir's shirt from one of the bar scenes is a confirmation for it. Such gritty tones go truly well with our wheatish compositions. Besides, in an ocean of various shades of blue, this is an extraordinary method to stick out.

Arjun – The Conservative Chap

Following back to the early demise of his dad and the remaining obligation left by him, Arjun played by Hrithik Roshan, admits that the main dream in his life is to bring in cash and resign at the ripe age of forty. He is regularly observed to be offensively boasting about sticker prices and comes out as a man totally devoured by his shallow necessities, on account of which he lost his childhood sweetheart previously. His character sets a commending model for each one of the individuals who like to organize work versus oneself or friends and family.

If you are stuck in the rat-race like him then it’s time to make your life and desires your priority. You might dress sharp and look your best always but it should not be for the sole purpose of achieving success in the current business. You should dress for yourself, your life, and you only, since dressing up is all about expressing your true identity.

Arjun’s style is so aptly according to his lifestyle dull and without any excitement just like his life. The outfit that Hrithik wears during the video call while they were driving, or when he is breaking up with his girlfriend is all glorious because the fits and silhouettes are perfect. However, we would have loved to see some color in his outfits. As he sticks to colors like black, olive, blues, and neutrals it screams corporate even in a vacay environment. The only time you see his outfits with a hint of color is after his interaction with Laila(Katrina Kaif).

Now, if you are in the business world then it’s time to amp up your wardrobe with a tinge of color. You need not wear bold prints or florals to look interesting, all you need to do is incorporate some color with the blacks and blues in the form of accessories.

Imran – The Free Spirited

Imran played by Farhan Akhtar, is a heap of assorted feelings. He needs to be entertaining constantly yet where it counts is as yet wrestling with the truth of his dad. In any case, this character never permits the distinct reality of his life to overwhelm his detachment. It was apparent that the souls around him regularly ignored him as simply one more person who likes to venture to the far corners of the planet. We recall this film for its delightful sonnets by Imran, and right until today is a motivation on the best way to carry on with a day-to-day existence full of importance.

Imran’s soulful character resonates amazingly with his hippie casual outfits. It’s easy-going, comfortable, and very playful like him. How can we miss his fedora hats and summer stoles? We get modern poet vibes from him just in a sight. The bold prints, colors, and interesting choice of silhouettes make him unique amongst the others. Though his fits are not sharp and clean it suits his persona very well.

If you have a free spirit like him and love to explore the world then pick up bold prints and colors close to nature. Keep it subtle yet stylish and make your way ahead in the crowd.

For all those who have kept yourselves busy and your career as life in itself, don’t forget to take a vacation to relax. Life is also about family, friends, and relationships, so value that and take some time for everything. Clearly, we may have countless things left on our plan for the day that we will do one day. Still, we can never say when or if that one day will actually come. All we require is a push from our nearby ones to sort out what it is. So what are you sitting tight for? Let us book tickets and go on an excursion with our closest companions! It’s time to tick the boxes from our bucket list since, “ Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”.

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