Want to travel the world from the comfort of your house ?

“Let’s go to Goa!” We all have been dying to say this and somehow get one chance to walk out of our homes for travelling with friends, family or our better halves. We all miss that tasty food, cozy weather and fun vibes. Alas! we can’t move even out of our houses properly due to the current situation.

The entire world is hit by this pandemic.It has not only delayed but cancelled a lot of our vacation plans which we have been planning since forever. Until recent times, all the means of transport are being used to evacuate people from different parts of the world, restricting us to travel until this epidemic gets to a halt.

In these times of travel lock-down, the phenomenon of Virtual Vacation comes to our rescue. Virtual Vacation is an escape from your boring life, it lets you travel all around the world staying at your place with the help of the internet. It acts no less than an actual vacation itself, because you can live stream a lot of places with high definition viewing quality,giving you the feels that you are actually there.

This is the only way where you can literally turn your bedroom into a beach or a resort or a whole city, just with a click! Without spending a penny or going out.

So, no need to pack your bags or book any hotels or get any travel guide, you just have to get a device with a working Internet and hurray! Your vacation is ON!

Let's Visit some of the best locations for a Virtual Vacation now

1. London, United Kingdom

Photo: telegraph.co.uk

London is the largest city as well as the capital of the United Kingdom. In fact it is one of the most recognized cities in the whole world. London seems to have it all, be it culture,architecture, food and the vibe which could make anybody feel good about themselves.

London is home to several eye attractions such as The London Eye, The Big Ben, The British Museum and The Tower of London etc. London has been the shooting location for a handful of films in the hindi film industry, movies like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Mubarakaan, Namaste London, London Dreams and the last film of the legendary actor Irrfan’s Angrezi Medium.

This is the best place for your family or for your lovely partner to visit from your home and enjoy this magnificent city which feels like a dream.

Wanna know if the London Eye is worth the hype? Click here and see for yourself !

2. Spain

Photo: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/spain

Spain is famous for its charismatic scenic beauty, wide coastline and the sweet weather.Spain is one of most traveled destinations in the world due to its food loving and wine chugging culture.

“Costa Brava.”, If this name makes you remember something in your head but you are not able to get it then let me help you because this place was the destination of the three musketeers in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! The sensational film which everyone adores irrespective of their age.

This is the perfect destination for you and your friends to visit on a weekend chilling in your room.All ready to sing ‘Senorita' in Spain with your musketeers? Click here to start exploring! 3. Paris, France

“Shaamein malang si, Raatein surang si.”, These lines aptly tell us what Paris is all about .There are several films which have been shot here but one of the most impressive and well known works was done in the song, Illahi in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Paris , the quintessential fashion capital of the world ,not just being the global center for arts, architecture, beauty, fashion and culture, it also has a subtle flavour of romance in it. Paris at night feels like a sky on the ground, with all its infrastructure ,lights twinkling and wide streets, it gives a feeling of unmatched romance.This is the best place for a date, you can spend your night looking at the sparkling Eiffel Tower with a glass of wine, straight from your home, being all cozy.

Your princess is asking you to take her out on a date? How about Eiffel Tower! Click here to make this your best date ever

4. Walt Disney World, Orlando


Disney has made our childhood special in each and every way. The lovely characters which are still alive in our heads, be it Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Jasmine, Aladin, Pluto, Cindrella, Simba and lots more . We always wished to meet them as children, play with them and be with them at their place but alas it never came true.

The Walt Disney World was constructed to make every Disney fan wish come true.The whole Walt Disney World Resort occupies nearly 25,000 acres filled with four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-seven themed resort hotels, and many more with a dedicated Disney store, where you will get everything Disney for yourself.

This is the best place to visit virtually with your children and let them have fun from their home.Your kids are stuck on the phone playing video games all day long? How about taking them to Disneyland? Click here to go on a fantastic ride with them from home.

5. Positano Beach, Italy

Photo: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/5418462029860563/

You might not be able to recognize this beach but let me tell you, this is the exact same beach where the heartthrob Hritik Roshan did the Ghungroo Song dance moves.Yes! This is the beach which is considered to be the most picturesque beach in Italy.

Positano is a village in Campiana, Italy. It is an enclave leading downward to the coast.The beach is huge and crowded. It has a decent nightlife and restaurants with town views and boat rides.This is the best place to visit right now through your laptop if you feel like going out on a beach right now with an atmosphere like this.

Are you missing those epic sunsets, some beer and the beach sand?Click here to rejuvenate your senses with an exquisite view of Positano Beach!

I know you guys are all worried about your budget and package but nothing will go out of budget because you don’t have to get tickets to all these places.

What? Yes ! There is no facade of booking or cancelling or anything of that sorts. You will just type in the places you want to travel and you will get it on your screen. So, stop freaking out for no reason,just sit back and chill.

Moreover, Virtual Vacation is a great way to visit all the places like binge-watching a series on Netflix, the best part being, you don’t have to pay for anything and get the feel of the place from your bedroom.

So are you ready for your first virtual vacation?Which place you planning to visit first?

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