Do you have a bike that complements your personality?

Nothing can beat a late night bike ride when you feel like going out for a spin alone, or even with someone special in your life.These bike rides can slowly make you feel so much about what’s happening in the nature, surrounding you, it is amazing that you start to feel something even in the wind touching your face. Bikes have a beautiful way of adding confidence, patience, adrenaline, toughness and responsibility in your personality and life as well.

Bikes have been that machine which most of the men love more than anything else.It literally changes their perspective as they start spending time with their bike because it subtly evolves their personality, in such a way that they would not even notice it happening.

Bikes in a much broader sense, also act as a reflection of your personality which will help others discover them.They add certain strokes in your personality: ● It makes you look confident. ● It makes you experience your surroundings. ● It changes your perspective. ● It helps you learn patience. ● It trains you for tough situations. ● It makes you ready for an alternative.

Here are a few choices of bikes which match with various personalities of men:

1. Royal Enfield Classic for the Alpha Male An alpha male is ‘The Quintessential Man’. An alpha male is rough, tough and filled with that manly hotness. The girls love him for what he does and he never disappoints them. He is that macho guy who has anger on his nose and body of a beast. He does anything to maintain his respect amongst men. He is a leader of the tribe and not a follower of the rules.

The bike, Royal Enfield Classic has all the characteristics to match and enhance the personality of this alpha male, it gives him that design to suit his muscles and that power to announce his habit of rule breaking and leadership will.

The Royal Enfield Classic began production in 2009. It was introduced in two variants : 350 cc and 500 cc respectively which therefore gave birth to the iconic sound bullet engine sound, which is one of its most recognized features now.

This bike is for the alpha males who know how to own and handle a classic machine with its thematic vintage sound.

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2. KTM Duke for the Racers Racers have their varying personality traits. Racers are not who love to speed up their bike to finish the line first but Racers are a lot more than that.A racer is an adventurous, self-sufficient, die-hard fan of motorcycles who is extremely loyal to his machine and extremely aware of the conditions around him.

The KTM Duke comes with features which qualify to go along with the racer’s personality. The speed gives a racer that feel of adventure, the single-seat makes them self-reliable, the engine makes them fall in love with the bike, the performance makes them stay loyal and last but not the least, the control makes them extremely aware.

The KTM Duke comes with a single cylinder, four stroke, spark-ignition liquid-cooled engine and an unbelievable six speed gearbox with a three-chamber silencer positioned close to its heart. The KTM Duke is a bike crafted to experience the thrills we always imagine of. It has unimaginable speed and the lightest body amongst the whole lot.

It is a beautiful piece of engineering but it’s not surprising to see people falling for this beauty because sometimes you feel like you are in some game and not in the actual world riding feeling the speed on your nerves.

This Bike is for all the racers out there who like adventures but with a lesson to remember.

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3. Royal Enfield Thunderbird for the Wanderers A wanderer is an aimless traveller, in the basic literal sense. A wanderer is someone who packs his bag, picks up his bike and just rides away to a destination which he will find on the way. This kind of rider never really waits for anything to happen. He plans on the way and learns on the way. He likes to put trust in himself and his bike, which helps him reach wherever he wants to. He treats his bike like a fellow traveller. He has a certain balance in his personality which makes him calm in adverse situations. He has a wider perspective because he has been to a lot of places.

The bike, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, has been one of the most apt bikes for such a wanderer because it lets you explore and submerge yourself into the landscape, it helps you go through tough situations and never holds back, it always stays ready to hit wherever the way will lead to. This bike has an inherent feature of a great balance of power and performance. It helps that wanderer to keep at it and makes him ready for further challenges.

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird boasts front and rear disk brakes, an ABS (Anti Braking System), a split seat with a 20l teardrop fuel tank. The name Thunderbird gives you a weird thought of what this bike would offer in terms of performance but let me give you some perspective here. The bike was named Thunderbird due to the twin sparkplugs in the UCE (Unit Construction Engine).

This is designed specially for tough conditions like any other Royal Enfield but to provide you a certain peace which all the wanderers wish for.

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4. Bajaj Pulsar for Sigma Male A sigma male doesn’t accept the standards of society but believes in his own ideologies. He likes to get the work done anyway possible. He has an unknown mystery to himself which attracts women around, getting him a lot of attention. He also likes to boast his own style and gets offended when someone imposes theirs on him.

The bike, Bajaj Pulsar is for these sigma male who have a different type of personality and their own traditions to look upon. The Bajaj Pulsar gives them that speed to get the job done and that design to be proud of the choices they make, and getting them a lot of attention too.

The Bajaj Pulsar was first introduced in the year 2001 when the brand felt a demand for performance bikes. It is not only affordable in this segment but it has a pinch of distinct style which still rules the hearts of all Indian youngsters. This bike has everything from style to great suspension to drive you through the traffic and match your zeal for work with its roaring engine. The best part is that it will suit your style whether you are going to the office or for clubbing on a weekend.

If you are a sigma male, the Bajaj Pulsar is the best choice for you.

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5. Yamaha R15 for the Omega Male An Omega Male is super nerdy and often found collecting things which he seems are interesting. An omega male has little to no regards to his future but he generally lives in the present. He is an absolute genius and the geek of things he likes. He is immature and lacks responsibility but is intelligent enough to impress anyone by his words.

The masterpiece, Yamaha R15 is for these Omegas, it checks all the specifications a biker with Omega personality could hope for in terms of specifications and also transforms him into a mature person by lending him the responsibility of taking care of this beauty.

Almost every leading automobile reviewer has given an outstanding review for this Bike. The Yamaha R15 was made by Yamaha Motor Company in 2008 to put forth such a bike which ticks all the marks of being a sports bike but as well as being a consumer centric product. There is no other bike which is as popular as Yamaha R15 in the price segment because of its whole existence, we can take anything about this bike and it just excels!

If you have an Omega male looking for a perfect machine, this is the bike for you.

Photo Source : Bikes are seen as just a machine which helps in transport but if you will think about what it does to you, it might leave you spellbound because it makes you go through that traffic jam or that slippery road which you think you might fail crossing but you do cross it and hence grow as a person internally.

It always helps you learn the craft of being aware as you ride past those vehicles on a bumpy road. The bike rides, sometimes will make you feel like a therapy. It is extremely vital for a male to choose a bike according to his personality because a bike represents him in a way. A bike can leave a massive impact on your personality by making you learn and experience a lot of things one by one.

“Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.”

Understand your personality and choose a bike that defines a personality. Every person has a character of their own and a bike adds to it.So what are your waiting for ? Pick up your best bike jacket from your wardrobe now and go for a therapeutic ride on your bike to gain more perspectives to evolve your personality.Not sure which jacket will go on your personality and bike? Connect with the Enzo League team, develop your persona to express yourself

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