Beard Trimming 101

Have you been going to the salon or the barber to trim your beard until now? The best you can do is to shave your beard clean and that’s what you have been doing for a long time. Since you are quarantined for very long now, why not try to trim your beard all by yourself. Maybe you always have a clean-shaven face just because you don’t know how to trim. This is your only chance to learn and experiment, are you up for the challenge? It’s not much of a challenge really; all you need are some handy products and the courage to try. Practice and patience is the key to an attractive beard.

Beard Trimming 101

For some men, a beard is a very essential part of their life they aide by the motto “Lose your beard and you lose your soul”. However, some suffer from Pogonophobia (fear of beard) which maybe because they are scared by the process of growing itself. The compliments a man can receive for his beard is more by the other men than women, as they know the struggle of it. According to various psychological researches, a well-trimmed and maintained beard increases your age, social status and makes you look mature. So, make sure however short your beard is trim it often and it also helps in beard growth.

Now, let’s start with various steps on how to go about trimming. Before you start with this I would recommend you to let the beard grow for at least a week or two. So, you will have some beard to start with.

1. Clean It Well

It’s important to have a clean and soft beard to make the trimming process easier. Use a beard shampoo as the scalp needs extra care and the face washes don’t suffice to provide the required nourishment. Then condition the follicles with a conditioner that will soften the strands. Dry the beard completely for the next process. You cannot substitute the regular shampoo with a beard shampoo or a beard wash. They strip out all the essential oil from the sebaceous glands which you will need in order to keep the beard hair from getting dry and fizzy.

Beard Shampoo

Beard Shampoo – Check Now

2. Brush The Beard

A wide-toothed comb will help you tame the beard and make it easier for the trimming. Make sure you comb the beard against the grain which helps it stand out; this also highlights the inconsistencies of the strands. This step is a little different from the regular combing of the beard (if you used to comb it every day) as you will have to comb it against the grain.

Use the following image as your guide to understand the beard grains; the numbers denote various directions of the grain in each part of your face. Usually, when you comb your beard every day it is towards the grain which promotes beard growth.

Beard Brushing

Beard Brush

Beard Brush

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3. Shape Your Neckline

The first thing to start with is the neckline, it can be a little tricky as you have to do it yourself and simultaneously watch the mirror. Then the confusion of till where exactly should we leave the beard, the length, the shape and more. So, when it comes to the right length it differs from person to person as some have long necks and some have short. For this, you have to keep your Adam’s apple which is a slight projection of your vocal cord in the neck as a guide. The safest bet is to remove the entire beard below it and the shape, keep it classic with a U shape.

Beard Shaper

Beard Shaper – Check Now

4. Trim it to Perfection

There are a lot of ways as to how you can go about it and you will learn what’s best for you by doing it frequently. The universally flattering technique is to go long around the chin and shorter at the sides. Start using the trimmer with a bigger guard and then work your way through as you are not used to doing it right for the first time.

The next crucial part is the shaping near the chin, which can be done in different shapes. It’s usually preferred to use beard rulers as a guide to help you. Since you are in the house and cannot get it, you can use the back of the comb to guide accordingly. If you are not confident about the entire trimming you can at least start with the shaping of neck and sides to look presentable. Refer the images for the trimming in which Z denotes the shape of the cheek line; X and Y denotes the neck line shape.

Beard Neckline

Beard Trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer

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5. Must do the Moustache

The moustache hair usually has a denser hair growth for which you have to use the clippers (small scissors) to trim it. Some men like it short and a clearance whereas some like it overhanging; it’s totally your choice to choose the length.

Make sure the moustache is dry before you start trimming. Brush it downwards and contour it according to the lip. Remove the extra hairs by brushing it. Use a hand mirror to check it from various directions and trim the rest.

Moustache Clipper

Moustache Clipper - Check Now 6. Oil It Up

After you’re done with the trimming it’s important to oil it as this promotes beard growth.By applying beard oil after a trimming session it gives a beard the right direction to grow. If you cannot get beard oil, coconut oil can also be used. However, make sure you use it only at night as it is denser than the usual beard oil. It’s better if you can comb it after oiling so that the oil spreads evenly across the scalp.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil – Check Now

“Don’t call it facial hair, call it awesomeness escaping through your face”

Keep all these points in the mind before you start trimming your beard and all the products handy. Beard trimming is recommended in every 4-5 days once, however, try to trim at least once a week.

To know what beard style suits your face type connect with our style experts . Book an online consultation to know more. A smart healthy beard with the apt style for you will take your confidence one notch higher. Let your beard do all the talking.

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