5 Best Summer Jackets For Men Under ₹5000

This spring-summer is all about exploring your style and making your presence felt with confidence. We understand, that the whole point of summer outfit is to feel light comfortable and look dapper in whatever you wear. Lightweight jacket not only keeps you comfortable but also helps you elevate your style quotient amidst the heat of this summer. It’s a summer time staple for all the style-savvy dapper dudes out there.

Summer jackets bring a whole new dimension for menswear cannon. Jackets make you look on point during the extravaganza of the day as well as keep you covered for the temperature dips at night. Who knows when your blind date would need a jacket? Loaded with various utilities it is also available in various silhouettes, colors, materials and a reasonable cost to keep you covered this season. If you do not own some of these then your wardrobe is definitely missing on some fun.


A denim jacket in itself is a marvel and when camouflage is added as a print, this is all you need. Denim Jackets are a staple since the mid of 19th century. Though the first denim jacket was made in 1880, Levis Trucker introduced the first version similar to the present design which was neat, slim fitted with pointed flap pockets in the 90s. They were then made with medium weight denim material with a rugged finish which was not only meant for comfort but also keeping the durability in mind.

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This camo jacket is best worn with a basic t-shirt which can be white, black or any other neutral color. It’s best if it is plain as we want the jacket to steal the show and not look ugly with the printed t-shirt.

This jacket from AJIO is available for ₹2000 only which is worth the splurge as this combination of denim and camo is very rare. The cotton in it will keep you cool in the heat of summer.

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Bomber jackets have been the latest crush of every man. Its versatility has no bounds; it fits in every season with anything and everything in your wardrobe. This jacket has been an ever-changing pop-up down the road, be it on the runways or its association with the street style it never fails to make a mark.

Initially, the bombers were designed for fighter pilots to wear them at high altitudes. However, with a few years down the line, it faced a revival and with various experiments, it was downsized for the men’s casual wear.

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This olive bomber jacket is the most popular color of the season which is from H&M that costs only ₹2999. The nylon material makes it light, airy & easy to wear for every season. The aesthetic natures with details from the zippers add a hipster look to the outfit.

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A shacked is a toned-down version of a jacket and an uplifted version of a shirt. The construction of it is so interesting that it can be worn as a shirt in itself as well as on a simple t-shirt as a jacket. This silhouette has constantly been remixed and reinvented several times however, a feature that is considered to be more prominent is the flap pockets that are on both sides.

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This neutral shacket can be worn with bright prints and patterns as well as solids. The color brown is least seen in an Indian man’s wardrobe which is why adding this will make you stand apart from the crowd. This piece is from H&M which is available only for ₹2456, it’s a great choice for people who are tall yet skinny built.

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Adding this under the summer jacket list might have put you in a puzzled situation already. Indeed, this jacket is a staple in winters but how can you make it a part of your outfit in summers? Yes, you can. These voodoo jackets look bulky but are available in soft lightweight materials which in turn make them breathable.

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This can be an ideal piece if you are heading for the club on a summer evening or for a reunion with old friends. The color combination of this is fascinating as it has bright, toned down and neutral color which makes it perfect for any body type. This Voodoo smart jacket is from AJIO available for ₹1600 it’s a must-have in your wardrobe.

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You might have seen these jackets in Hollywood movies especially in the late 90's and early 2000's. This jacket is available in different versions, some are water repellent and some are just right for an adventure trip. A jacket filled in with lots of utilities that can also be deconstructed is a pack of wonder. The first jacket of this kind was made in the early 1900's for blue-collar factory workers in authentic heavy indigo canvas. Large patch pockets, detachable hoods, rugged construction, boxy fits are some of the characteristics of a parka jacket.

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This Beige jacket is essential if you do not own any long jackets. Layering is very common among short jackets and you can stand out from the crowd if you are in this piece. It is from Forever 21 which costs ₹3799 only and is worth all that money.

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Now, you have a ton of options in front of you. Choose one according to your everyday style or choose everything from this. You can indeed look smashing and dope with these styles. Climb up the ladder and be a style lexicon. This is the ideal summer time to experiment and look extravagant. Create a statement with your outfit and inspire others to try something new from their everyday boring wardrobe.


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