10 Drool Worthy Oscar Outfits of 2020

Finally, the fashion gala of 2020 ended in a BANG! The attendees put their stylish foot forward; while some were outrageous the others toned it down. Amongst all the anticipation and a reputation to hold up, this event found a thrilling conclusion. The glorious line of black suits and tuxedos did continue even this year with a twist of its own. The versatile personalities who fabricated their own story stood out in their robustness.

The Academy awards of this year threw open doors to modernism, still keeping it simple with the touch of elegance. In the wonderfully diverse world of menswear, the celebs sported looks which were like a coffee, simple to look and exotic on its own. While most of the men stuck to the black & blue suits in various versions, some of them experimented without crossing the line.

Here are a few outfits which not only were from the world of high-fashion but also connected with the common and everyday style for men.


If classy is the word that defines you the best, then this look is completely for you. A black tuxedo with polished brogues is a sign of a charismatic man which clearly is defined by Brad Pitt. Black has always been the color of Oscars since eternity, but making it look effortless is still a task.

If you are not from the category of experimentalists and want to stick to basics always, if “FOLLOW THE RULES” is your motto, then this is the outfit recommended for you. A classic white shirt with a bow tie and a black tuxedo shoes has always been a red carpet look.


Keeping the rules in mind and still tweaking the way out of it is your style, then lessons from Jon’s style is necessary. The cropped jacket makes you look taller and the vertical stripes add to the effect. A monochrome look will always make a person look elevated and also camouflage the extras at your waistline.

An all-black look with an over the top Blazer definitely is what you need for an extravagant red carpet. It’s formal yet outstanding in its own way. A friend’s or a family reception is where you can carry this confidently.


This look is so very close to Jon Kartajarena’s however, the Blazer is to its length and the embellishment is on-the-face. This is one step ahead from others as it addresses the event with confidence one notch higher. The white stand collar shirt tones it down to match the vibe of the blazer.

The blazer like this can be paired up with casual denims and a shirt to create a party wear statement. Who wears boring suits to grand parties anyways? Keep it casual yet create an impact with this blazer in your own way.


Who does not love an easy-breezy party outfit? It sways to your moves and serves an upper hand in getting noticed by men or women. Usher has always been the person who brings the energy to the ambiance, this time his white draped suit emphasizes it clearly.

This look is very simple as the perfect drapes steal all the attention.

It would be a perfect outfit for a Sangeet, some prints and colors added to it will make no harm. If you are a GO WITH A FLOW type of a person then, this is for you. Energize others with your presence as well as the strong outfit.


Bored of the blacks, blues and whites; brown is another safe color after grey. A brown three-piece suit is a very safe choice when you want to look different but not do it over the top. John Cho’s look is too bland for my opinion as a few accessories would look amazing with his persona.The black shirt with shoes is understated and the double-breasted blazer makes no impact.

However, if you are one of the top leaders in the corporate ladder with a heavy waistline a dark brown double- breasted suit will be apt for a presentation. Make sure you at least add a pocket square to complete the look if you do not want to overdo it with the tie.


After seeing most of the men in black Andy’s look way a joy to watch in the red carpet. Especially the studded glasses, it stole all the limelight.

Fashion savvy men started looking for its availability in stores.

The beanie screamed his personal style and the bold choice of color gets the credit.

A suit with a peaked collar when specially made in a contrast adds an illusion of height as it draws attention towards the shoulders; it also makes the wearer appear to have broad shoulders.

If you want to wear this look as it is better to leave the beanie and the glasses to itself, and then this can surely be suitable for a wedding event of your best buddy or a fabulous office party.


This look was rated to be the most unfavorable look of the event, though I agree it was not a suit and did not make any sense according to the event. Timothee who always flares the women with his stranded curls went for back brushed hair. The outfit was inappropriate but he still managed to leave an impression by being different on the red carpet.

I would say leave this outfit to a sporty expedition of yours and not choose it for a gala event.This set is best when you wear it with a t-shirt and by not zipping it up and stuffing yourself.


Michael Jordan has always been the king of dressing when it is about red carpet events and this time he wooed us with the exceptional pink suit. This is a very unruly color when it comes to choosing it from an Indian men’s perspective. Until you are the ‘FASHIONABLY FABULOUS’ type of person.

If you want to steal all the limelight from the event you are attending, then this is your pick. I would suggest it can be toned down with a basic black or white shirt instead of going all pink with a few accessories. If you want to add the color in limit then choose only the blazer by toning it down with other neutral colors.


The tailoring on this outfit is very relaxed and I prefer it with better fits you want to add this in your wardrobe. The striped detailing at the lapels, sides of the pants adds a sporty look to it.However, the black and white combined together is somewhat delusional. Charlie carries it off like a glove and if you want to opt for this refrain from too much experimentation at once.

A simple suit of mustard with a black shirt that matches the shoes and a pocket square or the same with white. This color is much underrated in terms of having a suit of it but, if you are of a warm to dark skin tone then you can make a small place for it in your wardrobe.


Spike Lee’s fascinating style stood out as not only the color is unusual but also he was paying tribute to the legend Kobe Bryant. The number 24 appliqued on the lapels and at the back was fascinating.However, I did not find a match between the shoes, cap, bow tie and the shirt as there was so much going on in one look.

This attire seemed too costume-y for the red carpet. If you want to be inspired by this, then a quirky suit like this should be paired with the same colored shirt and shoes by keeping the accessories minimal.

This year’s phenomenal event of Academy and Vanity Fair was a great kick start. Walking the red carpet always asks for an amazing outfit and it’s one of the opportunities to stand out amongst the other celebs.

An Indian man, who is too far from this over the top parties and events, can always take inspiration that suits your wardrobe and personal style. If you are a person who wants to discover your own style and wear the best outfit according to your body type then, Enzo League has an expert team that helps you to dress for an event.

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