Indian men are most ignorant when it’s a matter of accessories. Men think they have a limited choice in this and stick to the minimal; however, they are not sure of how to wear them too. Watches are the accessories that most of the men own. Some of them wear it as a part of the outfit but, fail to realize its importance. Which watch to choose for what occasion and what kind of watch suits your personality are some of the key factors to consider before shopping for a men’s watch.

A watch is a symbol of elegance and an extension of self. It can act as a conversation starter; when you meet a person and speak about their watch, they will notice how much attention you give to details. Opportunities might not come again and again, hence creating first impression matters, in which the role of watches is crucial. A watch is given specific importance among the men’s accessories is because the craftsmanship is complex than any other accessories.

There are a few factors to consider while buying a watch like the color of the dial, type of band and its style. Here are a few must-haves in your collection of accessories; these are the basic pairs which can be paired with most of the outfits in your wardrobe.

1. A Leather Strapped Dress Watch

This is one of the fundamental pieces among the watches, as it can be used for a business meeting or a casual party. The leather strap makes it timeless; the simplicity of its design makes it versatile and transitional in nature. It can be paired with a denim outfit as well as a perfect formal suit. It is best to keep the color of the band neutral in shades of browns, the dial to be less bulky and analogous in nature, as with these features it can be paired with maximum outfits.

A Dress watch from Fossil


2. A Futuristic Sports Watch

A sports watch is usually chunky as well as loaded with features like chronographs and much more. There are various styles that are specifically created for diving, racing, air-crafts and so on.

The bands are of silicon or rubber that has extra buttons in the sides for the feature of the stopwatch. The metals on the dial can vary from various sizes as they have to include the extra buttons as part of the design. These types of watches can only be worn for casual or party setups.

Keep it classic with the color black and these features as it will go well with most of the casual wear in your wardrobe.

A Sports Watch from Diesel


3. A Glorious Gold Metal Watch

These types of watches are preferred by the men in South-India than in the North today. It is considered as a status symbol as they even buy watches that are made of pure gold. Since most of the South Indian men have a warm skin tone, it’s appropriate that they choose from gold, rose-gold and other yellow metals. All they have to do is make sure that they choose the right shade of gold that suits their skin. A Gold watch is most suitable when it is paired with outfits that are in the shades of brown, beige and other earthy colors.

A Gold Metal Watch from Armani Exchange


4. A Sensual Silver Metal Watch

The watches with silver metal are very commonly found; they are available in various styles like analogs, chronographs and many more features. These are most suitable for men with cool skin tones. Sliver watches can be worn with a formal outfit or a casual outfit, sometimes it goes well with a traditional attire too. This watch is multi-purpose as it comes handy to various occasions. A silver watch is suitable when it is mostly paired with outfits that are in the shades of blue, grey and black.

A Silver Watch from Emporio Armani


5. A Casual Canvas Strap Watch

A weekend brunch, a reunion, a casual meet up or anything fun, these watches should be the ones you go for. Play around with various straps and the canvas compliments to the outfits.

You can keep the dials simple or experiment with it. The colors like blue, olive and burgundy are in vogue right now, use it to your best advantage and own a wonderful piece. Choose the metal of the dial thoughtfully according to your skin type and straps according to your outfits.

A Classic Analog Watch from Daniel Wellington


Which one do you have and which you do not? If you are a watch collector or a connoisseur, these are the staple pieces that deserve a place in your wardrobe.

We Indians prefer utility more than any other aspect of a product. Hence, these watches are an epitome of style and also can be beneficial in multiple ways.

If you want a watch that suits your persona which also can be worn every day and you are not sure as to which one to pick; then get an expert opinion from our stylists to find the right watch. Every watch is an investment for yourself, so choose the right one.

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