Start Your 2020 Productively with the Color of the Year

New Year brings new hopes and it is an onset for fresh ventures. Every year starts with a refreshed spirit that includes color and motto for the year. This 2020, we have the color of the year as Classic Blue. A color is chosen every year by researching various fields all around the world, understanding their trends and technology.

The Pantone Color Institute is one of the major institutions for color which analyzes concepts to choose one particular color. They have been a guide for the past twenty years. The colors they choose influence product developments and purchasing decisions in various industries.

According to Leatrice Eiseman – The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute stated as to why they have selected the classic blue this time. She says “We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by PANTONE 19-4052 CLASSIC BLUE, a solid blue hue that we can always rely on. Imbued with deep resonance, classic blue provides an anchoring foundation. A boundless blue evocative of the vast and the infinite evening sky, it encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication”. How can we get inspired by this and think towards this color in this New Year of 2020?

When the classic blue is considered to be the color of the year, we will see more of this in our industrial fields, be it graphic design, fashion, home décor, automobiles, industrial designs and much more shortly. As Indians, in some of our daily lives, we will come across this tone and its color pallets. If you relax often which proportionally increases your productivity in your everyday life then you will be on top of your game achieving desired goals.


If you are planning to give a transition to your house, then this color must be in the list of themes to choose from. A study conducted by the Florence Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in collaboration with Taubmans (paint company of Australia) and Liminal VR (a virtual reality company) came up with a report on various colors, as to how it impacts the human perception.

The blue in it is said to encourage efficiency and purify thinking patterns. As the color represents the sky and heaven which in turn makes it calm and cool.

This color is advised to use in relaxing and socializing places like the living room, family rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms and so on. Use color combinations to create a mood of your choice.

Paint your walls blue for a serene homely environment.


Getting the latest cars and bikes has always been exciting for Indian men. According to Paul Czornij the head of design for automotive paint supplier BASF’s Color Excellence Group, predicts that the color blue will soon dominate the blacks and greys. He states “Blue continues to gain strength as an automotive color; it has a calming effect and a strong correlation with natural things”. Various automobiles will soon be released this year. Cars like Ford Explorer Atlas blue, Ecosport thunder blue and many more are been listed in the top cars to be expected in the year 2020. Royal Enfield has also launched a concept bike of the color classic blue which surely mesmerizes everyone.

Automobiles are a one-time investment for a few people and for some, it is a distinct addition to their enormous collection.

It’s not only a must-have because of its color but, it keeps you distinct in the crowd of neutrals and whites.


Blue has always been a color that is sought for in every man’s wardrobe. It occupies the largest part of an average Indian man’s everyday clothing.

Classic blue is a great choice for date nights as it represents trust and approachability. For the beginning of any relationship, trust plays a key role so,when you opt for the color it increases the chances of your date building the trust factor in you sooner. A casual shirt or a dark denim jacket or bomber jackets, anything which suits the date location works well.

People who already are in a relationship can wear this color to gain success in their careers. Be it a conference or an important client meeting, this color can be your savior.

It also represents youth and intelligence from which you will gain an upper hand among others present. Compliment it suitably with accessories and shoes to complete a ravishing look. As stated by the Journal of Academic Librarianship blue is considered to be the most approachable color than others. Now you can embrace it in your style which suits your persona.


Why do people prefer vacations in the river beds, oceans and other water bodies? A study by Michigan State University revealed that living in a location where you have a chance to see a lot of blue spaces leads to a lower level of psychological distress. But, if you are bored of the water bodies and want to visit new places then there are cities which you will adore. Jodhpur is the blue city of India and has buildings painted in blue which is seen all over the place. It is a great destination to visit in terms of relaxation as well as shop for spices, fabrics and handlooms.

If you want to travel abroad, then Chefchaouen, blue city of Morocco is the one you have to visit. If you are looking for the handcrafted woven basket and woolen sweaters then this place is where you should be. For foodies who love to try different cuisines, this is the destination for the most delicious delicacies. The goat cheese is a must-try dairy product here and tourists come from all over the world for it. Pack your bags and get going to spend your holidays in a tranquil space.


You cannot paint the food you eat in the color of blue, but can definitely consume blueberries. They are one of the fruits with the highest anti-oxidants in it. Who can deny when it’s about blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blue velvet cupcakes and blueberry cheesecakes. Isn’t your mouth watering right now? It’s not only delicious but also has high nutrient levels. It prevents DNA damage, lowers the blood pressure levels, prevents cancer, slows the aging process; maintains brain function and so much more.

These are some ways of how you can creatively insert this soothing blue color in your life. Try it according to you and see which works the best for you. Making a few small changes that provide relaxation, in turn leads to an increase in your productivity level.

Want to increase your productivity level by using your existing classic blue clothes in your wardrobe?Connect with us now.

This is surely a good thing to start this amazing year. Share with us as to how you will incorporate the color of the year in your life.

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