A dreamy thick beard is the way to conquer hearts and look dapper. This winter season equip yourself with your skin care and beard care products, as it needs to be protected well. Create a protective shield with this beard care routine and carry the best beard styles with ease.

Who does not love a thick, soft and shiny beard? Here are some easy tips that you can use to take care of your precious beard.


Use beard balm or serums to rejuvenate your scalp and retain the moisture content from the skin. It nourishes the beard and makes it appear thicker. A beard balm can be like an all in one product which acts as a conditioner, moisturizer and also helps in styling it.

After washing the beard, dry it completely then take a dime sized amount of the balm and rub it with both the hands. Run your fingers through the beard and make sure it reaches the scalp well.

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If you are a person who is looking forward to grow a healthy and thick beard, then a beard comb is your go to weapon.

By brushing 2-3 times a day in the right direction, it improves blood circulation in the area containing facial hair.

From this, you can reduce the occurrence of a patchy beard. This helps in even distribution of beard oil as well as keeps the beard dandruff away.


Who does not like hot showers in the cold winters, but keep it minimal and try to wash your face with warm water and not very hot water, especially the beard. It protects the scalp and retains the essential oils from the skin. Also prevents the beard from getting dry and keeps it soft and shiny. Additionally, opens the pores and helps the beard oil and balm to repair the skin cells.


Make the trimmer your best friend. A stubble and a full grown beard looks amazing, but what about the stages between them. To make your beard look perfect always, trim it regularly, comb it and style it accordingly. This also helps the beard to grown in the right shape and makes you look sharp always.


One stop solution for all your beard related problems is the beard oil. It replenishes the skin and is a major catalyst of beard growth.

Every two days once apply the beard oil after wash at night, keep it till the next day morning and wash it away. This reduces the chances of patchy beards and also prevents it from itching.

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Now you have the list of essentials to do this winter, take good care of your beard and keep up the routine.

Growing a beard is not a hassle, unless you take care of it well and follow a proper grooming routine.

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