Are you ranting about your curly hair? It’s short and messy looks keep you worried every morning and take innumerable time in settling it well? No more worries, all you need are the right products and a haircut to suit your face shape.

Most of the native South-Indians are blessed with amazing curls. Be it short or long both create an eccentric definition in framing your face. Since most of them consider it to be the highly time consuming task to maintain long curls, short curls can still be cut in a way to look versatile.

Here are some of the hairstyles that look on point with the short curls.

1. Faded Curls

Slight fades at the sides with short curls at the front creates this look. Keep the curls from medium to long , if cut too short the textures and effect will not be visible. A very easy to maintain and handy hairstyle to look cool as well as composed.

2. Side-parted Short Curls

A clean straight parted hair at the front and messy short curls at the side. This style needs a little bit of patience and maintenance of the curls. The curls can be blow-dried to get the necessary volume to put together the overall look.

3. Messy Fringes

When it comes to fringes always keep it short. Short fringes look classy more than the medium to long ones. As for the curly hair is concerned, make sure there is very less fizz or no fizz at all for trying this look.

4. Curled Quiff

A fizz-free hair is recommended here as well to get this hairstyle. Quiffs are one of the trending hairstyles today and people with curly hairs can definitely give it a try. Use the right products and equipment to make it look natural and long lasting.

5. Laid Back Curls

A generous use of pomade is a must when it comes to this style. This hairstyle can be tried on all lengths of curly hair. A clean laid back look at the front and some waves and curls at the back.

After understanding these various hairstyles, here are some general tips and hacks to maintain the short curls. This will help in keeping a healthy curly hair and also nourish them thoroughly.

  • Always use a comb with wide tooth to detangle your curls. Even fingers can be one of the best options.

  • Curly hair absorbs light, thus makes it less shiny. Use leave-in moisturizers to retain the moisture of the hair and maintain its texture.

  • Avoid hair care products with high alcoholic content. They make your curls more dry and fizzy.

  • Every time you use a shampoo, do not forget to use a conditioner. Wash your hair every alternate day and wash without a shampoo at least twice a week.

  • Use hydrating mask if you have dry hair. If you have a very greasy hair, then use oil-free shampoo and conditioners.

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Start your style journey with the above hair-care combo.

For a well kept hair all you need is a haircut that suits your face from the expert stylist and some product to maintain it.

Are you curious on what hairstyle will suit you? Connect with us to book your hair and beard styling session.

Get the best hairstyle suitable with some handy tips to maintain it.Want to know more about hair styling hacks? Read more here

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