Are you hooked up to your phones and desktops always? The web series that keeps you engaged with the interesting twists and turns make you wonder “What next!” even in the middle of your daily routine?The roles played by the actors in them are connected as a part of our life that we often look forward to.

These characters of famous binge worthy series are giving some major style goals. Streaming media services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix has made entertainment more accessible and flexible. From connecting the daily soaps to making original series, it has made them more exciting and unique with their own special shows.

Some of the roles from these shows have left an ever lasting impact and even have inspired us from time to time. Here we have some interesting characters which you can relate to and take their signature styles as elements in your everyday style.

1. Vikrant Dhawan – Inside Edge (Amazon Prime)

The extreme personality of the chair person from a leading sports management company has been brought to life by Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi. The character has an essence which portrays authority and forced opinions. The classic suit without a tie yet with a colorful pocket square emits a message that he is not the one to follow the rules. If you have an exceptional personality who wants to look unique still keeping it simple then add a contrasting pocket square with your blazer without a tie and try this look.

2. Jagdeep Chadda – The Office (Hotstar)

The boss from the series called “The Office” is portrayed by Mukul Chadda. This role is of fun loving yet impactful. The bossy nature is shown by the formal attire he wears and his humorous personality by the checkered blazer and colors combined. It adds a flavor of casual and friendliness to the outfit. If you are an easy going person like this and still a team lead, then choose prints that suit your personality and ditch the usual black, blues and grays. Get experimental with your outfits to look best and presentable.

3. Ganesh Gaitonde – Sacred Games (Netflix)

The gangster from the sacred games series has an insane vibe which is played by the talented actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This role portrays the exact concept of rags to riches, the opinions of the character is subjective and strong. His style is extremely experimental and has a lot of bling to it which makes the gaudy prints and over powering shine of the outfit suit him well.

If you would like to add this in your style always pair the prints with solids and if the prints are loud do not accessorize, if you like accessorizing then drop the prints.

4. Clay Jensen – 13 reasons why (Netflix)

The perfect guy next door character is given life by Dylan Minnette. A fascinating role of a teenager who is kind and caring has a mysterious vibe to it. His style is always casual, the bomber jackets and hoodies are his signature looks always.

For all the guys who like to keep it simple and comfortable. Pick the hoodies, sweatshirts and bombers for this monsoon and layer it for an upbeat look.To know more about layering check our blog on it. If you don’t completely wanna go dull then pick the right colors with it and interesting patterns to compliment your personality.

5. Pablo Escobar – Narcos (Netflix) The Colombian drug king’s role played by Wagner Moura has a style from the mid-90's. This persona of a super rich person who was influential then and with his products now, has never failed to keep us excited. His Cuban shirts, printed shirts and polo t-shirts are a common man’s go to style. His effortless and casual presentation with that big belly makes people wonder how he carries it off so well.

If you want to pick from his style, choose color block polo t-shirts for formals and Cubans for casual wears.

These characters even though portrayed a negative role, but the dressing pattern has remained unique which is why they inspire only in the matter of their style.

To understand more about which style suits you, connect with our panel of experts who help you with personal styling.

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