The transition in season is calling for a transition in style. Layering has always been a key ingredient in men’s everyday fashion. It adds a tinge of flavor to your personality. Like everything has some ground rules, layering also has some tricky ones.

The style of layering cannot be adapted just by copying from an internet surfed image or from a how to layer YouTube video. This needs a lot of understanding of your body type and your wardrobe contents.

Here are some ways as to how you can put some looks together.

1. Denim Shirt

The must have and most versatile piece in your wardrobe. It can be worn as a separate or it can be a best piece in layering. Pair it up with just plain neutral t-shirts or button it up and add a casual shirt on it. It’s always a handy piece in your wardrobe.

2. Jumper

A jumper is not a piece to be worn only in winter. It acts as a toner when you use it for layering with some bold printed shirts. It neutralizes the color to give a classy appeal for the outfit. It may be a hassle to maintain it but it’s sure worth your time.

3. Puff Jackets

These jackets are a go to for guys who are skinny. They are light and easy to carry with a certain volume adding in your chest area. They are the trendiest pieces in this season. This can be layered on both t-shirts and shirts, if used wisely.

4. Casual Blazers

These statement pieces are everyone’s first choice when it comes to layering. For giving a formal and semi-formal look, these are the ones to bank on. This piece can be played with in various forms, but be wise while choosing the exact blazer that will suit your body type and goes with your proportion.

5. Scarves & Stoles

Never neglect this piece to be pointless or keep a myth that it’s only for girls. Though these are not given most importance in men’s wardrobe, they have the power to elevate your style quotient. Just by draping it in various ways, it makes you look effortless yet classy.

6. Casual shirts & Shackets

These shirts are not to be worn as only button downs. Layering with these pieces can create magic and can be tried with all the pieces in your wardrobe. Shackets are a version of clothes which are in between the casual shirts and the jackets. They are mostly quilted or interlined and are light yet comfortable.

7. Rain Jackets

The waterproof jackets are an always to carry pieces during the rainy season. Though they are mostly used on the utility purpose, they can be a good element in the style of layering.

8. Sweaters

The myth which surrounds it to be old school and hand downs are all to be pushed aside as they can now be transformed into trendy pieces and complete your outfit.

9. Trench Coats

These pieces are mostly used in western world but, wearing it in India will make you stand out and will speak on its own. All you need is to pair it up with formals and casuals when you are traveling. This piece goes well with all outfits but keep its color in mind.

It’s impossible to master the art of layering. But once done it transforms your style and flips your confidence level in the very heights.

A personal style expert can always be your go to guide to understand your body and what outfits to choose for to ace the game of layering. Choose experts of Enzo League to help you rediscover yourself.

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