The end of summer and beginning of the rainy season brings about a different atmosphere. In the morning it all hot and sweaty, but evenings are cold and damp. So, wearing transitional clothes that suit both the climate is what we need now.

Here are some of the must have pieces in your wardrobe for this season.

1. The Chino Shorts

The best piece for the rain as well as summer. They are an always go to as they are comfortable and trendy. Pair it up with basic t-shirts, casual shirts or even with a cool blazer. It is a sensational piece of this season and is so versatile to style with and make as many different combinations as possible.

2. The Cuban Shirts and Graphic T-shirts

The Cuban printed shirts or exclusive graphic t shirts are light and easy to go for any event or day. These summer trends are comforting even in the heavy rains.

They are always available in cotton and are easily dried and not much hassle required for maintenance.

3. The Water Resistant Jackets

These jackets are light weight and trendy. They not only can be worn as summer jackets in the day but the nature of water resistance helps in the evening rains. It can be paired up with casual outfits and they are the also easy to carry around making traveling easy.

4. The Jogger Pants

These pants are almost like track pants but have an extra addition of elastic at the bottom hem line which fits at the ankle. These pants can be worn as full in the mornings and can be pulled until the knee making it appear like shorts for the heavy rains. These transitional pants are one of the essentials for you if your work demands lots of travelling in this season.

5. The Toe Boots

These are also known as work boots which end above the ankles or until the calf length.These shoes add a style element to your outfit with a major utility of protection in rain.

They can be paired with casual outfits or worn during adventurous travels. When you are choosing them for a rainy day make sure they are not made of leather or suede as they will be spoilt and maintaining them will be difficult.

Now you know how you can pair them well and make your style look effortless in this summer rains. Incorporate these style tricks and make a mark in your journey of style.

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