This week we witnessed an extravaganza of fashion with the MetGala 2019 with the theme “Camp”. The most Avant Garde looks were presented with ease in this event. The pink carpet welcomed the most popular celebrities from all over the world and was a star studded night.

Though the outfits were out of the box, here are some looks from which you can get inspired and incorporate them in your everyday wardrobe.

1. Darren Criss in Sequined Jacket

The dramatic blazer with a short trail and sequins paired up with black monochromes looked on point for the theme. The makeup added a pinch of mystery and completed the whole look.

A sequined or colorful jacket like that can be paired up with a neutral color shirt and trousers. For a party ready look, add same colored shoes and let the jacket stand out.

2. Nick Jonas with a Bling

The simple double breasted suit with a drape was an innovative design and the shirt with those accessories took the look to a whole new level. Adding so much bling at once might make you look overdressed or look like a complete showoff.

But by adding a few pieces of rings and leather bracelets with a watch can make no harm to your everyday outfits.

3. Shawn Mendes in Monochrome Suit

A simple suit with detailing at the edges was a smart choice. This outfit was not over exaggerated or kept plain; it was overall a well balanced look. The small detailing did all the talking and why not it was MetGala. This look can be incorporated by getting blazers with embroidered lapels or by adding small brooches and pocket squares in your suits.

4. Joe Jonas in Multicolored T-shirt

A brave attempt with the turtle neck and colors. Not all can look good in a polo neck outfits and pulling off a multicolored one is always a win-win at such events. If you do not prefer wearing a shirt like that directly but still would love to experiment with colors, and then layer them to minimize its intensity.

Pair it with jackets or drape scarves of neutral or monochromatic colors to decrease it’s over powering nature.

5. Harry Styles in a High Waist Trousers

One of the most dramatic looks inspired by the Shakespearean era. The high waist trousers and transparent shirt with the large jabot collar was apt for the look of the day.

The popular high waist trousers from 1930’s are now available in denims which can be paired up with suspenders for a retro fusion look.

These classic pieces never go out of style. The jabot collars can be manipulated into knotted small scarves or draped scarves for casual outfits.

These celeb inspired MetGala looks can make you look outstanding in a crowd or when kept subtle be a game changer in your everyday style.

Image Credits : @dapperlytamed

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