Since it’s the season where most of us are obsessed with Game of Thrones, it’s indeed the best occasion to put some light on our most happening star Kit Harrington a.k.a Jon Snow. He not only has played a versatile character in the series but also has given us hair goals in reality. Be it Premiers or happening parties, his looks have made us all drool.

Here are some of the looks which you can get inspired from.

1. The Creative Beret Look

For all the people who have long hair and are lazy to style it. This Beret cap saves all time of styling your hair yet looking chic and classy. You can also wear Baseball hats or Beanie caps instead for the similar look. Kit did make this whole look interesting by pairing up with amazing outfits.

2. The Samurai Warrior Look

The most famous hairstyle from season 7. The man bun hairstyle carried perfectly by him giving everyone a desire to grow their hair. It is a perfect style for long hair men as keeps all the hair tied up and yet makes you look outstanding.

3. The Chivalrous Gentleman Look

The clean shaven and a chevron mustache is the element of this look. The hair is kept short and so even the Harrington fans with short hair can follow this style. This look compliments the men from a corporate background or is at high positions in companies.

Though the look belongs to the early 90’s style it still gains prominence.

4. The Smoky Short Look

This is one of the other styles of his sporting the short hair. The short yet curled hairs are kept sleek with this look. It is at first combed backwards at the front like a quaff whereas the curls fall back resulting in this short messy look. The hair at the sides is also kept to the same length as the front making it a go to style for a short to medium hair men.

5. The Messy Curled Look

This look is the most talked about in the industry as, the long curly tresses are kept in the side partition but the wavy hair gives a Boho style. Harrington is mostly seen in this style for a long time and in some places this style of hair is also called from his name.

These hair styles inspired from Kit Harrington can be suitable for most of the face shapes and the best options for people with short and long curly hair. Now you can not only see your Game of Thrones heroes but also look like one.

“Kill The Boy And Let The Man Be Born”

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