This season the sunglasses are very essential part of men’s style. When you carry them every day, why not match them right with your outfits. Owning some extra-ordinary pieces will grab the attention of people as well as become a conversation starter.

Here is some of the trending and most recommended pieces you can add in your wardrobe.

1. Full Rimmed Square Glasses

These glasses are for a formal outfit’s first choice. They can be worn with a casual t shirt and jean outfit as well a full formal suited outfit. Due to the chic look on its rim and the casual color it is a must have piece in a wardrobe.

2. Refreshing Colored Aviators

Sometimes color plays a major role in an outfit and adding that makes you stand out of the crowd. This fushcia colored glasses will be a very interesting add on as it’s suitable for a spring summer casuals or a vacation outfit. They add a certain sense of eclecticism for a person’s personality.

3. Quirky Mirrored Glasses

It’s the best pair of glasses for an extrovert personality. Not only does it create an impact but also has a certain amount of swag to it. It’s very unusual to find such glasses for a free spirited personality. Make a quirky statement with this must have glasses on you.

4. Round Framed Glasses

A party hippy always needs a mix and match pairing. These traditional round frame glasses with a contemporary touch to it add a retro to metro look for the desired outfit. The perfect round frames work well for a person with elongated face giving the required volume.

5. Squared Sunshine Glasses

These glasses are a blessing in disguise for a person with chubby round face. They not only add a clear definition but also create an impact when paired with a right outfit. These are a very good recommendation with summer casuals this season.

6. Nerdy Oval Glasses

These special glasses can be flaunted without even wearing them. They are of unique style that all the attention will be first given to them. For a monochrome or simple neutral outfits, these are the only accessories you will need to add to complete your look.

These trendy sunglasses give a whole new look to your outfits. Do wear them with the right outfit and make a difference.

"Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look - just like a new hairstyle"

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