‘How’s the Josh’? Now that there is a lot of patriotism in the air, Why not recreate one of the looks from our B-Town celeb Vicky Kaushal? After all the hype his movie Uri got into.

Some basic separates when put together can not only make you look outstanding but also build up a sense of confidence in your outlook.

This look of Vicky’s is from one of the promotional events of the Uri movie. The olive t-shirt uplifts the masculine features, which state strength and discipline like the army. The Denim Shirt and Jeans add on to a casual look for it. This makes the whole look balancing as a strong persona with a cheerful gleam.

THIS LOOK SUITS THE BEST FOR The whole look can be directly worn without any necessary changes by body types :-

- Rectangle Body type - Triangle Body type - Rhomboid Body type

As the double pockets on the denim shirt enhance the upper torso and highlights the shoulder, which is suitable for the above body types to give a balanced look.

The V neck t-shirt showcases the collarbone and draws the attention towards the shoulders and neck which goes best for the above body types.

The skin tones of both warm and cool can go for it as the shades are quite neutral. The olive not only gives a contrast look differentiating the torso, But the shades of blue keeps the balance of the whole look to make it look effortless.


Don’t worry if you do not fall under these two body types. With certain small changes every body type can carry this look.

1. Inverted Body Type:

Make sure the denim shirt does not have double pockets or any lapels at the shoulders. Jeans with extra pockets at the thighs or with wash effects works wonders. Chains at the pocket sides or denims with patches can add on the extra emphasis you will need to enhance your body type.

2. Oval Body Type:

This look suits you to the best but make sure you do not tuck in your t-shirt or button up your denim shirt. The open denim shirts adds certain volume to your body type and make sure the shirt and jeans are on the same shades of blue, which helps you to get more or less a monotonous look.Now with this look in your hand you are ready for a mission.


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