Being tall gives you a great personality but do you think that’s enough? It requires a lot to carry tall height perfectly.Taller guys, despite having the social cache of height, often get treated poorly.

From compact cars to airlines with decreasing knee room, tall men often aren’t considered and shopping is no exception. Off-the-rack clothing is generally designed for men under six feet tall.

A great sense of style can make you look elegant.Whereas, on the other hand, a bad sense of style will make you look ordinary despite of having a good height.

Here are some clothing items that are much suitable for a tall men.

1. Check Jacket

Save the money you usually spend into the alterations. Try a rare piece of clothing which is actually designed for tall men. Longer in length and has flattering cut through the body, it means you don’t have to buy a larger size and get it tailored.

In addition, the check will not only turn heads, but also help to broaden the look of your torso.

2. Patterned Short Sleeve Shirt

A pattern shirt can sit well on a tall man, creating a strong point of focus especially if you have a worthy chest to show off. This one will give some serious summer vibes.Your tall personality will have a cool look.

Pair it with your regular blue denim or black trouser. If you are going to the beach, wear it with shorts to make you look perfect.Combine this look with a pair of skaters and you are ready.

3. Embroidered T-Shirt

When height is your greatest asset, you have to search for a bit of style trick to give you that extra width. A basic cotton tee with embroidery and subtle horizontal stripes will make your upper body look broad. Avoid wearing vertical stripes as they will make your shoulders look narrower.

4. Straight Fit Jeans

The dilemma of denim fans is usually the length of the legs for a tall person. Cropped styles don’t work because they look like wearing a shorter size above a certain height. You will struggle to find perfect length without going for bigger size around the waist.

But some brands actually design especially for tall people and hence you can find your perfect fit with the desired length. The straight fit jeans will enhance your height and make your personality look more attractive.

5. Cotton Chinos

Sure, a hardy pair of denims is versatile enough to be worn every day, but a pair of chinos can be a much-needed addition to the trouser rotation. Especially in the summers when the heat don’t allow you to wear tight fitted denims. A pair of slim fitted chinos are just waiting to be called in from the store. Try color blocking and wear it, this look will be trendy and versatile.

Not just the mentioned items but there are so many other clothing items you can try from your wardrobe. Use your tall height as an opportunity to look versatile everyday.

Tall height can carry clothing items perfectly and makes them look more attractive.

"You're real tall when you stand on your charisma".

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