The first impression is a lasting impression whether it is at the office, a party, a lunch date or an interview. What you wear to these events can be either a positive impression or a negative one.

Some companies prefer to allow and even encourage employees to dress freely or casually for comfort. This tends to work well in more creative work environments.

Even if your office is a kind of place where wearing hoodie and jeans is common, that doesn't mean you should wear them daily.Looking like a sleeping bag is not at all good for your productivity.

Here are some basic office essentials which you can wear to your office and look presentable.

1. Suit

This will upgrade the formal look every time and make you look smarter. Dress up in a suit for important meetings, conferences etc. At least one suit is a must in your wardrobe and the truth is, that it will cost you. Always go for a trusted brand & quality fabric to showcase elegance in the look.

2. Oxford Shirt

This should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. It's a versatile piece,which gives you a perfect office meeting look. A perfect casual to formal wear which doesn't make you look like a sleeping bag, but actually enhance your overall look.

3. Chinos Pants

Chinos are often made up of 100% cotton, and hence can be your comfortable clothing item for the office. The slimmer cut of chinos looks classy. Chinos never gives you a shabby look instead they make you office ready in minutes. Wear them with leather sneakers or boat shoes to get the perfect look.

4. Selvedge Jeans

This piece of clothing doesn't require much maintenance and easy to carry to your office. These denims gives a clean and finished look making it good to wear for your office. The quality of these jeans are so good that they don't get damaged very easily. Additionally, it have a tighter and denser weave. Always opt for these jeans whenever you are in a hurry to rush to office.

5. Cashmere Tie

Cashmere ties are one of the most underrated fabrics for neckties.These ties add richness and texture to any look. It provides the perfect complement for rustic & textured tailoring. This one, ties a wonderful knot and always provide nice luxurious finish to your outfit.It is a must-have in your office wardrobe to give you a classic and stylish look anytime.Cashmere ties goes really well with the textured shirts.

So, above are some of the must-haves for your office wardrobe to make you look fashionable and stylish every day.Always make sure you opt for good trusted brands as the quality of fabric makes a huge difference in your look.


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