Staple of every men’s wardrobe, a casual shirt can do a lot. There is a large amount of colors, designs and ways in which you can wear them. It is an extremely versatile item of clothing and can give you a lot more variation to experiment with.

1. FIT

The fit of your shirt is very important to look stylish. If wearing in hot conditions, a looser style looks great and comfortable. Whereas, a slim fit shirt is often desirable by men to have a classier look.


Durable and versatile, you can wear a denim shirt as a part of layered outfit. Denim is favorite of men and gives the best look.

If you are wearing a thick denim material, combine it with a t-shirt to casually layer your outfit.For a nice summer look, you can pair your denim shirt with a nice pair of stone colored chinos.


Plaid shirts or lumberjack shirts have became increasingly popular. It is one of the fashionable pieces a man can own.

Wear your shirt with denim, the dark navy denim works perfectly with plaid design.

To finish this look, wear brown leather boots. When it comes to boots, go for a good quality known brand to make your pair last long.


If you want to play safe and look smart, go for a white long sleeve shirt. This will give you a clean and crisp look plus it is versatile and stylish.

Combine it with dark navy chinos and with a dark pair of loafers. The white shirt acts as a base color for the rest of your look. For details, wear some braces and a pair of shades.


When it comes to casual shirts, people don’t easily think of black. However, if you want an all black look or just a darker outfit, black is an excellent choice.

If you don’t want to look cheesy, wear an Oxford shirt made from textured material as this will tone your look down. Pair it with a black jeans to create uniformity. If you want to layer your outfit, get your hand on a denim or leather jacket.

This choice looks casual and stylish. Finish your look with black boots.

QUICK Snapshot - Get the right fit. - Choose the right fabric, unconventional fabrics are good for casual look. - Choose color accordingly, bright colors are best for casual look. - Choose your outfit wisely. - Layer your outfit to add new dimensions to your outfit.

Despite you may have previously thought that casual shirts can be wore only in one particular way. Above points will help you to create different new looks with your regular casual shirt.

Also, remember that fabric and colors make a large difference on your look as well as your outfit combination which will create your impact on someone.

Even if you are dressing up casually, wear it right and look stylish to make a huge difference in your personality.

"A shirt's not just a shirt. It's the experience of what goes into that shirt."

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