T- Shirts are everyone’s best choice for casuals. When you’re lazy to dress it’s the t-shirts that come for rescue. Why join the common crowd when you can stand out with these must have pieces.

Here are some of the season’s hottest must avenge trends.

1. The Artistic T-shirts

Proclaim your creativity and personality with the colorful arty pieces. Be it abstract or to a particular theme, choose it to add a sense of coolness to your everyday casuals.

2. Color block T-shirts

The most underrated amongst all. They are always the best to create an illusion for your body shapes. You can always flip the coin towards your choice with these pieces. The right color and combinations can make or break the look.

3. Quoting Yourself T-Shirts

Be your unique self. Pieces that have words that you would love or some sentences with a pinch of humor are always to go for. They give a sense of confidence and speak out the words without expression.

4. Unique Silhouette T-Shirts

Give a break to all those U and V necklines and go for some interesting textured silhouettes. Be it asymmetric or different types of collars and cuts take them in with full confidence and try them on.

5. Tropical T-Shirts

The flora and fauna prints have now entered to T-shirts after the shirts. They give a vacation feel to your casuals and are high on level of style points. These interesting prints are a must have this season.

Get away with the same collared and boring neckline t-shirts and embrace these new trends. Fill them in your wardrobe and flaunt them like never before.

“Personal Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”

Images Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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