Fragrance is one of the integral parts of men’s grooming. However great you dress up or style yourself to your best, your odor can always make or break your impression. There is always this confusion between a deodorant and a perfume. Which to choose? How to choose? Which suits your lifestyle? And so on.

Here are some points which will clear your confusion as to know you’re grooming routine better.

1. The Core Concept

Deodorants are used to cover the offensive body odors caused by bacteria and sweat. Perfumes are used to enhance the body odor with perfume oils. That is how deodorants are used to stop bad odor while perfumes are used to bring new aromas to feel refreshed.

2. Effectiveness

A deodorant contains certain chemicals that act against sweat and bacteria mixed with certain amount of essential oils. A perfume is itself an essential oil combined with a small amount of alcohol base. Thus making perfume last longer than a deodorant.

3. Utility

Deodorants are only used on the body especially after shower to lock the chemical contents in the skin pores. Perfumes are used on body as well as sometimes on clothes and they are most intense compared to the deodorant. As our perspiration is highest in the day time deodorants are recommended and for evenings exotic colognes are preferred.

4. Availability

Deodorants are available at very pocket friendly prices whereas perfumes depend on the concentration of the perfume oil and are costly. Deodorants are available in sprays, roll-ons and stick applicators. Perfumes come in bottles and spray mists.

5. The Conclusion

Perfumes are highly priced according to the brands and its concentrations, but are good for evening dates and for intense odor. Deodorants are cost effective but do not last longer and are milder. Choose them depending on an occasion and time.

Both play a vital role in your everyday grooming. Make sure you incorporate them in your kit and make people swoon around you with a dash of exotic fragrance.

“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!”

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