To look your best and impress your chosen one, you have to put your best foot forward. It’s not only important to stand out of the crowd but also give your first impression the best impression.

After a busy or hectic work schedule going to a date with sane mind is a tricky task. The time you take to decide what to wear, how to prep up and all that process in front of the mirror is made easy by this exclusive checklist.

1. Keep It Simple.

Over dressing is always a no-no. The effort on your dressing up for the special one must be seen, but not to the extent of her thinking you are a self obsessed freak. Thus, keep it minimal and sweep her off the feet with your charm.

2. It’s All About Your Shoe

One of the most noted and accessed measure in your attire would be the shoes. Her eyes are most likely to first land on the shoes and that means you have to put some extra shine and make it look as attractive as possible. Opt for some casual ones which are not too sporty or too formal.

3. Pull On A Jacket.

Any jacket or a casual blazer adds on the extra emphasis to your look. It also gives a perception of mystery to your personality. What better way to impress your dear one by offering your jacket when she feels cold and gain those brownie points for gentleness.

4. Prep-up To Look Your Best.

Pay attention to some of the basic yet small details before presenting yourself. You might ignore it due to lack of time or your laziness but they will be the major keys on which a girl judges you.

- Clean Palms; make sure your palms are not sweaty. Have a hand sanitizer or a hankie which will avoid it. - Hair style that suit your face and brush them well. May be some hair gel would do the trick in keep it intact. - Moisturize your face and trim the extras. A well groomed beard is a sign of responsible man. Your face is as important as your outfit. - Lastly the Smile; No girl falls for an angry young man. Some bit of humor and smile does no harm.

5. Cologne – The Savior

All the above points will go in the drain if you do not pay heed to this point. The first thing a girl remembers is your cologne, that doesn’t mean you’ll pour the whole bottle on yourself. Be wise and choose the fragrance depending upon your persona and the outfit. Take a nice shower and spray them on your pulse points, now you’re ready to rock.

With this checklist you are ready to tackle the date and win the girl over in your first impression.


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