Style does not mean to break the corporate rules; in fact it is being you among the rules. Confused how to style yourself between the rules? Filled with a dull and boring wardrobe with the repetitive colors?

Then these tips will surely make your work wear exciting and find yourself among the corporate confinement.

1. Layer to Favor

You do have compulsion for wearing simple solid colors, but you can still elevate your outfit with casual jackets. That will still keep your formal attire intact with a dash of your personal style. Make sure you choose jackets with textured fabrics that make your outfit more interesting.

2. Detailing creates an impact

Add accessories to finish your everyday look. These accessories make an impression which shows your effort for dressing up. Some of them which go with your work outfits are; - A statement watch which depicts your punctuality. - Pocket squares that call for attention. - Classy broach pins that all will ask for. - Cravats that stand out.

3. Textures are a must try

Adding various textures like ribbed, twill, herringbone, and tweed so on will give a simple solid shirt an element of style. It makes the formal attire interesting and will also make the color stand out.

4. A perfect fit is always necessary.

The shirts and the trousers you wear should have a perfect fit. Any baggy piece will make you look large and sloppy. Fit it right or customize it according to your size, do not give more ease allowance than required for comfort.

5. Bring a variation in your Color palette.

Instead of wearing the usual Navy blue or Khaki trousers, try opting for colors like Charcoal grey, Olive green, Dark Burgundy and so on. This will not only go according to the work wear theme but also keep you different among others. For shirts, choose self-printed fabrics which give subtle sheen to the solid colors you go for and will have an attractive appeal.


Corporate setup is very formal, but creates an impact with your own style by still following the dress code.

Do not stop yourself or restrict your style. Be the game changer always and make your first impression exciting.

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