Tired of carrying so many clothes and accessories just for that perfect vacation picture? Confused what all to include for your vacation duffle?

Here is an ultimate style guide for a perfect vacation.

You need not carry so many outfits and pieces to create impactful attire. Choose minimal clothes which have many utilities, which you can always wear in different styles. Always go for quality more than quantity which will give a classy appeal to your style.

  • Stick to the basics

A regular white or black t- shirt can be worn in many styles and it is a staple piece in your wardrobe. A casual denim is one of the most comfortable and versatile piece which deserves a place in your duffle.

  • Add the patterns

Choose a piece with patterns, like a flannel shirt, textured t- shirt or Cuban shirts. Experiment the patterns and textures according to your body type. These simple pieces will add the vacation feel to your outfit and raise your style quotient to the next level.

  • The statement piece

A bomber jacket, a puff jacket or a leather jacket, these classy pieces will elevate your style in no time. Layering your outfit with these statement pieces will give you the dapper look you desire. You need no always wear them; just hanging them over your shoulders can also make an extravagant style.

  • Say yes to accessories

A Multi colored or textured scarf will highlight your outfit and give it a vibe of freshness. Scarves can be worn in various ways, play with its flow and drape for your choice. A casual sports watch and some dainty bracelets will give a perfect hippy look.

  • Spotlight for shoes

It’s more than enough to carry 2 pairs of footwear and not more than that. The sneaker is a must for a travel freak; add a flip-flops or a casual loafer with it. Keep them neutral so you can pair them with various outfits.

  • An alluring finish

Do not forget your signature perfume. Yes, travelling can get all sweaty and uneasy; the fragrances not only give a soothing scent but also control your body odor. Hence, always carry a deodorant or a perfume in your duffle.

Above is an example in which 8 Pieces are paired to create 4 outfit choices which can be combined to create 32 ways of wearing them.


This guide for a casual vacation will not only make you look picture perfect but also reduce your packing effort and time. It’s time to keep your duffle simple and light. Put you hats and glasses on, get ready for the adventure.

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