Now it’s the best time for shopping, it’s the time when there is sale everywhere. Does this mean you should just dump your cart with whatever you like?The answer is no, always pick only the ones that suit you, which you have tried in the trial room and which you are 100% sure about (may be you can even ask your friends opinion before).

It so happens that you pick maximum clothes that you think is a great haul, but sometime later you end up regretting those unused pieces hanging in your wardrobe.

To transform yourself into a smart shopper, here are certain tricks for you:

1. Choose the right store.

Right store doesn’t mean where there is a board hanging called SALE. Choosing a right store is going by good reviews of a store about its quality in fabrics, about its fits and the style options available. If you don’t like the fit, don’t go with it. It’s always ok to come out of a store without buying anything. Do not shop for the sake of shopping.

2. Pick the needs, not wants.

It always happens that you go to get one and buy everything else except the one you went for. Select what you need, may be a small check list will help you with it. Keep in mind to select the pieces which suits your color, body shape and personality.

3. Don’t be shy to try.

Buying the clothes on mere assumption will always tax you. Do not shy away from trying the outfits before you buy, they might look great on the rack or mannequin but not your body. Trial session is a must always

4. Be qualitative not quantitative.

Always keep in mind the quality. A great piece at the price of 5 pieces is worth the sacrifice. A quality piece lasts you longer and creates an edgy impact. It elevates your style quotient and also maintains a standard in your style.

5. Shortlist and Finalize.

It will not be easy to choose just one always. Choose some, try it and then again choose the best among them. Every piece you choose at first need not go home. Give special attention to each piece, check it from all the aspects, and do not compromise neither on the size nor the fabric.


Always it’s not important to fill your cart, it’s important to fill your personality with the pieces you choose. Those pieces you carry will not only be an expense, instead make it your investment towards your style.

Images: www.pinterest.com

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