Who said skincare was restricted to ladies. Its high time men also give importance to the skin. Fix a well scheduled routine just for 15-20 minutes everyday in morning and in evening, to own a flawless face.

Invest in good quality skin care products which are available exclusively for men. Understand your skin type and lifestyle before opting for any products.

Now that you want to take a step towards it, Here are some of the essentials you must possess to maintain a healthy skin.

1. Scrub

It’s important to get rid of all the dirt and dust accumulated on your skin before nourishing it. Hence the use or a scrub or an exfoliate helps to open up the clogged pores of your skin.

Use this once in a day, preferably in the morning with the face-wash for good results.

2. Face wash

Put away your regular soaps and go for the face washes as they are rightly made to suit your skin and know its sensitivity. They are available in a huge range and you can opt the flavors or combinations you like.

This can be used twice a day, once in the morning and later at night. They will not only give a fresh feel to your skin but also improve your glow.

3. Moisturizer

A most important recommendation for all skin types, which maintains the moisture content of the skin and not lets it dry up. It is used to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Apply it after shower every day, this helps it reach all the open pores and work its magic in time.

4. Sunscreen

For pale skin people, the UV rays affect more than others. Irritation and itchiness appear on their skin when they come in contact with the sun-rays. Thus, applying sunscreen can give a protection to the face.

Choosing the SPF of it depends on the sensitivity and need f your skin. Make sure you apply at least 30 minutes before exposing the skin to the rays.

5. Serums

The special eye serums help you to keep away the dark circles and aging signs on your skin. They are to be applied in the night and it will nourish the skin and heal the spots in the night to keep you rejuvenated in the morning.

6. Beard oils

This is for the men aspiring to have an amazing looking beard. In the initial stages of its growth, irritation and itchiness will be a common problem.

For which using the beard oil and taking good care of those roots will make them grow at a faster rate and in a healthy way.


A healthy skin is a sign of a well groomed person. Grooming is as important as your style; both are incomplete without each other. Thus, with these must have skin care products; create an everlasting impression leaving others speech less.

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